Prices starting at:

$35.00 — 5 X 5 Self Storage
$69.00 — 5 X 10 Self Storage
$149.00 — 10 X 15 Self Storage
$225.00 — 10 X 30 Self Storage
$59.00 — 14 Parking
$95.00 — 20 Parking
$105.00 — 24 Parking
$110.00 — 26 Parking
$115.00 — 28 Parking
$119.00 — 30 Parking

528 Armor Storage

1340 Calle De Las Lomas
Bernalillo, NM 87004


I guess you have to give one star or I would give zero. This is the most dishonest business I have ever dealt with. I received the notice that I would have to buy their insurance unless I could prove I was insured. After running into trouble with the proof, my insurance company responded for me on May 26, 2021, saying they had met every requirement. TODAY I was denied access to my belongings until I paid $46.00 for June and July coverage. I paid it because I needed access, but they had NEVER contacted me or my insurance company saying that my proof was inadequate. They did not respond to my BBB complaint either. They are completely unethical. Stay away!!!!!!!!!!!! Please note that all the positive reviews are from before these crooks took over.

— Cynthia Risner (on July 06, 2021)

Update: 7/21 Still have NOT heard from corporate. Finally, this mo. I was charged the correct amt. Update: I read your response & have expected a call from you as you stated would happen. I did not hear from corporate about the upcharge for insurance that you applied & refuse to refund when I provided you proof of my insurance. I get a call from you about my pmt. & I ask you why I've had no response from corporate & you tell me to call them.... Wow! Wish I could say you guys are a good company, you are not. I am assuming you probably didn't expect me to see your response. But, yes I do expect you to do what you say you are going to do & call to discuss why you think its acceptable to keep the upcharge you charged me for insurance for several months when I had coverage. Just like you expect me to pay my bill as I said I would when I signed paperwork! Original: Company applies Insurance on your unit & when you prove your covered & you have been covered, they refuse to refund the increase they added to the monthly premium for however many months they have applied it!! I will need a larger unit in the future & will not be storing my stuff here!!!

— Alisa Talbott (on July 17, 2021)

Prices starting at:

$69.00 — 5 X 10 Self Storage
$149.00 — 10 X 15 Self Storage
$55.00 — 10 Parking

Northern Blvd Storage

3301 Northern Blvd NE
Rio Rancho, NM 87124


We arrived a few days prior to our estimated date we reserved. Angelique could not find our reservation even though we had confirmed it via a phone call the day before. She did not give up, they didn't have any other units the size we needed available. She was able to work things out through numerous phone calls and a bright personality! We left with our unit signed for and smiles in our faces. Also want to throw kudos to Miranda who called the next morning letting me know I had forgotten something in the office.

— Ogre Lovato (on June 13, 2021)

Angelique was very helpful in helping us choose the right size storage unit. We are very happy with the facility and the location is close to home. We will recommend them to anyone looking for storage.

— Maxine Essex (on June 21, 2021)

Prices starting at:

$75.00 — 5 X 5 Inside - CC
$95.00 — 5 X 10 Inside - CC
$99.00 — 10 X 5 Inside - CC
$135.00 — 5 X 20 Inside - CC
$135.00 — 10 X 10 Inside - CC
$182.00 — 10 X 15 Inside - CC
$225.00 — 10 X 20 Inside - CC
$275.00 — 10 X 25 Drive-up
$305.00 — 10 X 30 Drive-up
$345.00 — 10 X 35 Drive-up
$435.00 — 10 X 40 Drive-up

StorageBoxx of Southern Highlands

4765 W. Rush Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89141

(725) 232-4725

i called one day on a whim. no one answered, so i left a message. i got a call back reasonably fast. we set a appointment to meet. i was a little late. i was able to check out the two available options, make a decision and was out the door within an hour. they were polite and courteous. i would reccomend this storage to another person

— Marc V. (on June 27, 2021)

Excellent customer service. Very respectful and cheerful attendant during the day shift. Sorry I didn't get her name, but she was very helpful and informative.

— Rick Fukunaga (on February 17, 2021)

Prices starting at:

$142.00 — 10 X 20 Self Storage
$252.00 — 12 X 30 Self Storage
$79.00 — 30 Parking

A Better Storage Solution

995 N Boulder Ct
Post Falls, ID 83854


Awesome customer service, great price, and close to home. I couldn't recommend a better storage facility!! ** Update: it's been almost two years and still loving this place. Excellent staff, competitive pricing, well maintained facilities. You really can't go wrong with ABSS!

— Amber Gangon (on February 05, 2021)

It was quick and easy and their rates were competitive. I came in at the last possible second in a last ditch effort to get my boyfriend a storage unit for his things as he was getting out of the army and they were very clear and quick about making sure I had all the information I needed as well as making sure I was taken care of . Good prices as well! I'd definitely recommend !

— Maria Perreira (on April 26, 2021)

Prices starting at:

$22.00 — 1 X 1 Wine 36
$115.00 — 5 X 5 Self Storage - 2nd Floor
$185.00 — 5 X 10 Self Storage - 2nd Floor
$275.00 — 10 X 10 Self Storage - 2nd Floor
$435.00 — 10 X 20 Self Storage - 1st Floor
$499.00 — 10 X 25 Self Storage - 1st Floor
$615.00 — 10 X 30 Self Storage - 1st Floor

Millbrae Station Self Storage

210 Adrian Road
Millbrae, CA 94030


I’ve had the best experience with this place! Amanda is the MOST helpful and when I called to get a specific size unit and they didn’t have one available yet, she called me as soon as they did and saved it for me. It’s clean, safe, and well managed. Best storage on the peninsula!

— Marisa Urim (on November 17, 2020)

Super nice people, easy to work with. The process was a breeze to sign up and the price is right. The staff is attentive and cares about their work. Amanda in particular was super helpful. Highly recommend.

— Daniel Sefrin (on November 19, 2020)

Prices starting at:

$119.00 — 5 X 10 Self Storage
$175.00 — 10 X 10 Self Storage
$0.00 — 0 Parking

Shield Storage of Lockwood

80 Menezes Way
Sparks, NV 89434


The place was wonderful. The most amazing service ever. Maria was super helpful,the place was super clean and Maria made me feel like my stuff was going to be safe in the storage and well taken cared of. Thanks so much Maria... I definitely recommend people come here.

— CHERISH JONES (on June 29, 2021)

My boyfriend has a unit here and out of the 4 he's had in the past year, this is by far the best one. Maria, the live in front office person has been very accommodating to his very hectic schedule. She has always been very friendly and helpful to both my boyfriend's and my questions and needs. I highly recommend this storage facility. If I was to ever have to leave my storage facility at ABC mini storage where they are cheap and also very friendly, I would choose this place.

— Kelly Scheffel (on July 08, 2021)

Prices starting at:

$89.00 — 5 X 5 1st Floor
$92.00 — 5 X 10 3rd Floor
$135.00 — 10 X 10 2nd Floor
$169.00 — 10 X 15 3rd Floor
$195.00 — 10 X 20 3rd Floor

Storage Boxx of Summerlin

3251 N Dapple Gray Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89129


Our experience at StorageBoxx could not have been better. We had a large (30x10) unit, which was clean and ready to go when we moved in. It was convenient to get in and out of, was air conditioned, and located in a very nice area. The customer service people (especially Kat) were beyond helpful, very friendly, and very professional. Your stuff is in excellent hands with them. Highly recommend.

— Ward Keenan (on July 08, 2021)

New. Clean. Good layout in regards to elevator placements. PRO TIP: ground floor AC is much better than upper floors. Heat does rise!

— Raymond Aikens (he him) (on July 17, 2021)

Prices starting at:

$79.00 — 5 X 5 Self Storage
$112.00 — 5 X 10 Self Storage
$192.00 — 10 X 15 Self Storage
$235.00 — 10 X 20 Self Storage
$95.00 — 30 Parking

Shield Storage

15045 Camage Ave
Sonora, CA 95370


I have been renting with Placerville Storage for over a year. The employees are pleasant, helpful and professional. The units and their surrounding areas are very clean and neat, no trash. I like that. I had a larger unit, but as I reduced my items, I was able to seamlessly move into a smaller one. This might seem weird, but I like that they have a portable potty on the premises so you can take your time at your unit.

— Azalia Medina (on May 07, 2021)

Great facility. Getting in and out isn’t a hassle. Easy to navigate around and find the right unit. I had a bunch of questions and Gina in the front office was so patient and friendly with me and took care of all my outstanding questions.

— Joshua Yadron (on May 29, 2021)

Prices starting at:

$33.00 — 5 X 5 Self Storage
$45.00 — 5 X 6 Self Storage
$55.00 — 5 X 7 Self Storage
$55.00 — 7 X 5 Self Storage
$65.00 — 5 X 8 Self Storage
$65.00 — 8 X 5 Self Storage
$79.00 — 5 X 10 Self Storage
$88.00 — 6 X 10 Self Storage
$102.00 — 7 X 9 Premier
$105.00 — 5 X 13 Self Storage
$115.00 — 8 X 10 Self Storage
$117.00 — 6 X 14 Self Storage
$119.00 — 6 X 15 Self Storage
$122.00 — 7 X 13 Self Storage
$112.00 — 10 X 10 Self Storage
$128.00 — 8 X 15 Self Storage
$132.00 — 10 X 12 Self Storage
$149.00 — 10 X 13 Self Storage
$152.00 — 10 X 14 Self Storage
$155.00 — 11 X 13 Self Storage
$169.00 — 12 X 12 Premier
$162.00 — 10 X 15 Self Storage
$162.00 — 15 X 10 Self Storage
$170.00 — 12 X 15 Self Storage
$173.00 — 15 X 12 Self Storage
$192.00 — 18 X 10 Premier
$185.00 — 10 X 20 Self Storage
$189.00 — 10 X 21 Self Storage
$198.00 — 15 X 14 Self Storage
$202.00 — 18 X 12 Self Storage
$229.00 — 10 X 22 Premier
$209.00 — 15 X 15 Self Storage
$212.00 — 12 X 20 Self Storage
$259.00 — 10 X 25 Premier
$229.00 — 10 X 35 Self Storage

Shield Storage Downtown Kansas City Missouri

1226 Chestnut Ave
Kansas City, MO 64127

(816) 652-0800

This was not only a great experience but one of the best in my life with any industry. Everything was clear, quick and painless. The property manager Darwin was awesome and went out of his way to make sure I was totally taken care of. The place is nice and clean and easy to navigate. I would recommend this storage facility to anyone without hesitation!

— Brandon Barton (on June 21, 2021)

I rate my experience with Shield Storage a five star for 1 reason & 1 reason only they have hired an amazing employee in Darwin. He is exceptional in customers needs & is knowledgeable of the business. Shield storage you guys definitely got it right with this hire.

— Patrick Starling (on July 11, 2021)

Prices starting at:

$55.00 — 5 X 5 Self Storage
$67.00 — 5 X 10 Premier
$79.00 — 5 X 15 Drive Up
$119.00 — 8 X 10 Drive Up
$99.00 — 9 X 10 Self Storage
$115.00 — 10 X 10 Premier
$155.00 — 8 X 15 Drive Up
$155.00 — 10 X 15 Drive Up
$209.00 — 10 X 20 Premier

Shield Storage

2601 Scott Avenue
Vancouver, WA 98660


This place is so clean and tidy and secure. Staff is great and, did i mention clean?? I looked around the area and ultimately this place was my choice. Rates are reasonable, you really cant go wrong!

— Beez (on June 25, 2021)

Marissa and Leigh at the front desk are great assets to the company! They are professional yet personable, and made my check-in experience go seamlessly! The facility itself is fantastic--clean, bright, and secure--just what I was hoping for. And the price is competitive for the size unit I rented. Very happy so far!!

— William Gallienne (on June 26, 2021)

Prices starting at:

$109.00 — 5 X 10 Self Storage
$215.00 — 10 X 15 Self Storage
$255.00 — 10 X 20 Self Storage

Advanced Mini Storage I - Monte Diablo

2625 Monte Diablo Ave.
Stockton, CA 95203


I went in looking for a unit for some items for some items I have no room for at home. I haven’t had good luck with storage facilities in the past. Shelli was very helpful and showed me the sizes she thought would work for me. Very clean facility and great energy from staff. Thank you Shelli

— Roberta Oberle (on July 15, 2021)

I went in today to check out some units and get pricing and I have to say the Manager Gilbert was extremely helpful and very polite. He had all the answers to my questions and was very informative about the pricing and access hours. I will be returning Monday to rent a unit with Advanced mini storage. Thank you again for the great customer service.

— siano rodriguez (on April 19, 2021)

Prices starting at:

$105.00 — 5 X 10 Hallway
$179.00 — 10 X 10 Self Storage
$205.00 — 10 X 15 Self Storage

Advanced Mini Storage II - Murray

7739 Murray Dr.
Stockton, CA 95210


BEWARE!!! BEWARE!!! BEWARE!!! This facility is not safe! Our unit got broken into last year and we still have not received or insurance check. I had precious items that belonged to myself, my deceased daughter, and my son who is in the military serving our country that got taken. Literally everything was gone when I opened the unit. This facility needs to get cameras that faces every single unit. No one cares about these reviews claiming how nice the staff is. This place needs proper security!!!!

— Julie Hicks (on July 09, 2021)

So I called to get some info on their storages. I talked to i believe her name was Kristina. She was friendly and very informative, overall good customer service. Thanks for your help!

— Supreme Barbering (on July 21, 2021)

Prices starting at:

$135.00 — 10 X 15 Self Storage
$65.00 — 20 Parking

Garden Hwy Self Storage

517 Garden Hwy
Yuba City, CA 95991


Very good place for your things. The lady at the desk was. Very helpful with what I needed. I think her name is Alicia. I recommend this storage to anyone who wants a no hassle storagem

— Michelle Gorham (on July 03, 2021)

Best place in town. Alicia in the office is the best. She always his above and beyond to be helpful and make renters feel safe. I love this place

— Natalie Troutner (on May 22, 2021)

Prices starting at:

$75.00 — 5 X 10 Self Storage
$89.00 — 5 X 15 Self Storage

Yuba City 99 Self Storage

1268 Stewart Rd.
Yuba City, CA 95991


I've been a customer since 2018, and the facility is easy to access, kept clean, and well-maintained. Bruce has been here since (my) day 1, and is always friendly and helpful. Highly recommended - if there isn't a unit available, it's just due to high demand and their being a good storage facility. Get on the waiting list!

— Carl Stockmal (on May 30, 2021)

Keep coming back to store my stuff. The place is always clean and secure. The managers Bruce and Karla are great.

— Steven Bishop (on July 02, 2021)

Prices starting at:

$105.00 — 5 X 10 Self Storage
$145.00 — 10 X 10 Self Storage
$169.00 — 10 X 12 Self Storage
$199.00 — 10 X 20 Self Storage

Sun Valley Stor It

5225 Sun Valley Blvd
Sun Valley, NV 89433


Patricia is always helpful, she even helped my friend who rents a unit there come up with a plan on how to organize and arrange her unit so everything would fit instead of having to get another unit. It was so hot last week when we were there trying to unpack and reorganize during the heat. She came an offered us each a cold bottle of water, Thank you Patricia.

— Patsy Mcknight (on July 07, 2021)

Absolutely Wonderful people that work there. So caring & supportive. They helped me sort things out after my husband passed & when my way of payment got stolen and had to be replaced. Great prices to boot!! The best of everything in one place. Much better than the corporate owned storage companies. They add a great personal & human touch!!

— Agnes Walker (on March 18, 2021)

Prices starting at:

$249.00 — 10 X 20 Self Storage

Desert Highlands Mini Storage

5900 S. Los Altos Parkway
Sparks, NV 89436

775 626-8393

I can't give enough gratitude to Alana for her incredible customer service. My husband and I recently moved to the area and found ourselves in a time crunch for finding a storage facility for our trailer. When I spoke to Alana she instantly made me feel at ease. She took the time to listen to our need and answered all of my questions genuinely without making me feel rushed or inadequate. She was honest, personable and seemed to really care. I happened to call on a very busy day so she kindly told me she would call me back. When she called me back and we got to talking again, I knew we had chosen the right place. She gave me great confidence that we could trust the company. Not only did Alana call me back promptly, but she was very thorough with all that we needed to know. We have been impressed with her excellent communication by phone and email. She has exceeded our expectations and has truly gone above and beyond with us. Thank you again Alana!

— Christine Sallee (on February 09, 2021)

Alanna is amazing! I would recommend her to everyone! I have rented down the street at vista park storages and the manager there is very rude. A half mile up the road for respectful employees and clean grounds! So worth it!!

— Sheree Madura (on May 05, 2021)

Prices starting at:

$95.00 — 5 X 5 Self Storage
$125.00 — 5 X 10 Self Storage
$175.00 — 10 X 10 Self Storage
$125.00 — 10 X 15 Parking
$249.00 — 10 X 20 Self Storage
$145.00 — 10 X 25 Parking

Vista Park Self Storage

2845 Vista Blvd.
Sparks, NV 89434


Vista Park Self Storage is a sweet conveniently located storage facility. I live in Sparks about 2 miles away and this place has been a huge help because I live in an apartment with very little storage. When I first rented here, I got a small unit (5x5) just to keep some extra supplies like my camping gear and boxes of old photos. With my growing supply of things, I just upgraded to a 10x20 and will be keeping things I'll be using for my new business there as well. The staff was always kind and helpful, they've made these last few months easy and got my units taken care of quickly. Happy to store here!

— Scot Breithaupt (on July 13, 2021)

This place is wonderful! They had all sizes of units and helped me find the one that fit my storage needs. Clean, safe, and friendly! Would recommend to anyone looking.

— Nicole Hall (on June 26, 2021)

Prices starting at:

$169.00 — 10 X 10 Self Storage
$195.00 — 10 X 15 Self Storage
$255.00 — 10 X 25 Self Storage
$305.00 — 10 X 30 Self Storage
$315.00 — 12 X 25 Self Storage
$89.00 — 30 Parking

Shield Storage of Sonora

20828 Longeway Road
Sonora, CA 95370


Dina was awesome in supporting me in my time of need. My mom passed and I needed to store a house full fast. Dina was so friendly, Understanding and very empathetic. For sure a instant friend! Thank you...

— Cathy Strobridge (on June 11, 2021)

The managers are very nice and compassionate, when your overwhelmed with moving and stressed.They really are "Real People" with a heart of Gold! Trust- Worthy and very Professional in their business.Patience and kindness.They are an example of the way people should be.Thank you for making my move less stressful. I really appreciated your help. Your both awesome....

— Sarah McCoy (on May 11, 2021)

Prices starting at:

$405.00 — 10 X 30 Drive Up

Southern Highlands Self Storage

3001 Robert Trent Jones Lane
Las Vegas, NV 89141

(702) 780-4561

Used to store and came back looking for a parking spot for my RV and even though they did not have 1 available I was put on a waitlist. Everyone in the office is friendly and the property is always clean. They offer power and a dump station for the RV's.

— Keith G (on June 24, 2021)

Never able to reach anybody in the office and I have called MULTIPLE times. They have a bunch of hidden fees and failed to set up my autopay and then charged me a late fee for their mistake. This is probably par for the course as most storage facilities are shady. At least the place is clean, but it is not enough to up my star rating.

— Daniel Soto (on June 09, 2021)

Prices starting at:

Old Barn Self Storage

175 Spring Hill Drive
Grass Valley, CA 95945


Rick was very helpful and professional. He helped me determine the appropriate size storage unit to accommodate our needs. He thoroughly explained the security measures employed at the Old Barn Self Storage so i felt safe knowing my belongings would still be there when I return to pick them up out of storage Rick ensured I understood the hours of operation and and "rules". The storage unit was clean, move in ready, and the hasp operational.

— Elaine McCallen (on July 14, 2021)

Great Hours, Easy Access, Superior Value, Great Management...The new manager called me personally to inform me that I did not have my bank's auto pay set up properly. He did this before late fees accrued, making it easy for me to correct my mistake. He was very courteous and personable on the phone, and in person.

— Assistant WGW (on July 14, 2021)

Prices starting at:

$85.00 — 5 X 5 Self Storage
$185.00 — 10 X 15 Self Storage
$252.00 — 10 X 20 Self Storage
$279.00 — 10 X 25 Self Storage
$289.00 — 10 X 30 Self Storage
$355.00 — 12 X 30 Self Storage

About Space

3715 East 55th Ave
Spokane, WA 99223


Several years ago, My employer rented some units in ABOUT SPACE Storage. Often, I was assigned to drop off and pick up items that were being stored. Stan, the property manager was always helpful and polite. At this time I'm in need of storage for some of my own household items. It was great to see Stan in the office today- ready to set up my account in an efficient but friendly manner. The office and entire campus are just as I remember-neat, clean and well organized. Stan is trustworthy and focused on offering the best to his customers down to every detail.

— John Scales (on April 19, 2021)

I needed to purchase a storage unit well in advance of need and wasn't sure that was an option. Since I was unable to reserve on-line, I stopped in and Karen took the time to explain the options and then did everything possible to make this happen. Her customer service was incredible! She made sure I received the discounted price as advertised and made the whole process simple. Will definitely refer others to About Space and use them again if necessary.

— Pat Belair (on April 13, 2021)

Prices starting at:

$79.00 — 5 X 5 Self Storage - Phase I
$155.00 — 10 X 10 Self Storage - Phase I
$190.00 — 8 X 20 Self Storage - Phase I
$252.00 — 10 X 20 Self Storage - Phase II

South Hill Mini Storage

3115 E 57th Ave
Spokane, WA 99223


I was able to reserve a storage unit online and in just an hour it was ready for me to come move in my stuff! Janis helped me over the phone with all questions I had when setting up my information to rent my 5x10 unit! It was quick, easy and she was so kind. This was my very first time renting a storage unit as well, and she was a big help to me. Awesome customer service! Also great prices.

— Abby Jorgensen (on June 12, 2021)

For some reason my code id used for 13 years didn’t work and so I called the number and Janice called me right back with a code to get into the storage unit. I drive from far and had carved out the time so that was some great, speedy customer service ! Good job Janice. So appreciated.

— Susan Purkett (on July 18, 2021)

Prices starting at:

$75.00 — 5 X 5 Inside 2nd Floor

Placerville Self Storage

1066 Locust Avenue
Placerville, CA 95667


Mayra and Jason were very helpful. I was in a jam and without any movers the day I secured a storage unit. Mayra had given me a few references. Always very courteous.Good people I highly recommend Placerville Self Storage to anyone looking . ** Update** I have been with this storage company for just over a year and would highly recommend them. The office staff are always available and willing to work with their customers, when needed, especially during this time that we have been going through as a community and beyond. Caring staff who are always available to answer any question.

— Christine Rich (on March 29, 2021)

The staff and check in to the storage was very, very easy and quick. The staff is always kind and it is clean. I have been to some places where I am pretty sure there are people living in some of the units. This one does not seem to have any of that. I have been there for a number of years and probably could have purchased everything my storage unit 20 times but with billing being so easy with auto withdrawal it is easier to leave my stuff that move it to my house LOL. I really like how everything is all inclusive and nothing is hidden when paying the bill. Thank you Placerville Self Storage for making my life and move that much easier.

— G L (on April 29, 2021)

Prices starting at:

$159.00 — 10 X 10 Upper Floor
$209.00 — 10 X 15 Self Storage
$162.00 — 25 Parking - Uncovered
$179.00 — 30 Parking - Uncovered
$205.00 — 38 Parking - Uncovered

Shield Storage on Simmons St.

4430 Simmons St.
North Las Vegas, NV 89031


Never anyone present to take a payment, no "will return at..." sign on the door. Knock on the door, no answer. Call the office and nobody picks up. Try to leave a message and the mailbox is full! Nobody here to take an onetime payment but when you return and finally find someone to take your payment, they wont waive your late fee! Dont rent here if you are looking for efficiency, that's for sure!

— Nicole Layton (on June 07, 2021)

Very professional, when I was in a risk and didn't put my lock on my unit properly, they called to let me know. Very grateful for the staff at shield! Thank you

— Shay Tinglof (on February 12, 2021)

Prices starting at:

$95.00 — 5 X 5 Upper Floor
$199.00 — 10 X 10 1st Floor
$245.00 — 10 X 15 Upper Floor

Shield Storage of North Jones Blvd

4850 N. Jones Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89130


Kat was talking to me today and I just wanted to say that she’s pretty freaking awesome. I've been here with this storage facility for over a year and half and never once have I had an issue with anyone in the office. I've even broke a piece of the gate off (it's was fixed) but they were calm cool and collective. I love this place not only for the safety but the staff is freaking great. Thanks shield storage you all are awesome people and all deserve raises.

— Joshua Betzer (on June 09, 2021)

Amazing service wonderful employees!! Especially Kat very helpful Amazing employee at this location. On North Jones. Thank you for such great service.

— enrique torrrijos (on June 09, 2021)

Prices starting at:

$85.00 — 5 X 5 1st Floor
$115.00 — 5 X 10 Upper Floor
$109.00 — 19 Parking - Uncovered

Shield Storage of West Craig Rd.

4680 W Craig Rd
North Las Vegas, NV 89032


I easily rented a unit online. When I arrived I was met by Maritza who was friendly and helpful. My gate code would not work but Maritza assured me she would get it working and she followed up with me at home to assure me the new code would work on my next visit. A light was out in front of my unit but I told Maritza about it and she put in a request to have it fixed. The yard seemed nice and tidy. I gave this a 4 star because of the trouble with the code and the light. I will have to make another visit to see if the code is working properly and the light is fixed which would make a difference to my rating.

— Michel Dahlstrom (on July 20, 2021)

Clean facility, competitive rates and a great staff! Another plus is the gate is open from 5am to 11pm so no matter what your schedule you will have access to your unit. I have some electronics and furniture that required me to find an actual climate controlled facility. I’ve been at a few others that claim to be climate controlled but still feels like a sauna when I was in the actual unit. I don’t know the actual temperature they keep it but I know it’s definitely around jacket weather. I can also verify that they do actual lock and unit checks which makes me feel a lot better about leaving my things here and Irene at the front office is always so helpful and friendly. I definitely recommend this place

— Jason Kibbee (on June 09, 2021)

Prices starting at:

$109.00 — 5 X 5 Small
$119.00 — 5 X 7.5 Small
$205.00 — 10 X 10 Large
$269.00 — 10 X 15 Large
$89.00 — 18 Outdoor Parking Space

9th & X Self Storage

2410 9th Street
Sacramento, CA 95818


I have a really awesome experience with this storage place still have it is been very pleasant good people and helpful on price.I recommended it to many people.

— Random Tmobile (on June 03, 2021)

Store is very clean. Kenneth was very polite and professional. Would recommend this storage facility to anyone who needs one.

— An drew (on April 20, 2021)