Storage Types

We offer many different types of storage at Shield Storage. Find answers to all your questions here!

Drive-Up Self Storage Units

  • Drive-up self storage units are storage units located with an outside entrance which allows for convenient, drive-up access.
  • Drive-up self storage units allow you the convenience of accessing your stored property with ease avoiding the hassle of carts and dollies.

You can store items such as (but not limited to):

  • Collectibles
  • Furniture
  • Business Documents
  • Vehicles
  • Tools

You can find drive-up self storage units at our locations in:

  1. Grass Valley, CA
  2. Placerville, CA
  3. Sonora, CA
  4. Stockton, CA
  5. Yuba City, CA
  6. Post Falls, ID
  7. Bernalillo, NM
  8. Rio Rancho, NM
  9. Las Vegas, NV
  10. North Las Vegas, NV
  11. Sparks, NV
  12. Sun Valley, NV
  13. Spokane, WA
  14. Vancouver, WA

Climate Controlled Self Storage Units

  • Climate controlled self storage Units are units which are typically located inside a self storage facility with their internal temperature regulated to a designated temperature.
  • Climate controlled units are beneficial to those storing items that could be damaged if the temperature is not maintained. Some of those items could include, but are not limited to, wine, electronics, or art work.

  • For our customers in Millbrae, CA we suggest you store your wine collection in one of our 1×1 climate controlled self storage units.
  • We also suggest that if you will be storing items such as electronics for an extended period of time during a move that you should store those items in a climate controlled self storage unit.
  • Also, if you have any items that are made of solid wood and live in a climate that may have a higher amount of moisture in the air, storing these items in a climate controlled self storage unit will help prevent or reduce the amount of moisture that the wood is exposed to keeping the wood from warping.

You can find Shield Storage self storage units that are climate controlled at the following locations:

  1. Advanced Mini Storage II – Stockton, CA
  2. Shield Storage – Kansas City, MO
  3. Southern Highlands Self Storage – Las Vegas, NV
  4. Shield Storage – Las Vegas, NV
  5. Shield Storage (4430 Simmons St.) – North Las Vegas, NV
  6. Shield Storage (4680 W Craig Rd.) – North Las Vegas, NV
  7. About Space – Spokane, WA
  8. Shield Storage – Vancouver, WA

Air Controlled Storage Units

  • Air controlled self storage units are units that have pushed air flow into the storage unit. This process differs from climate controlled because there is no set control for the temperature of the air being pushed into the storage unit.
  • Air controlled storage units provide a more stable environment for your more sensitive items that may be damaged by the heat.

  • Electronics
  • Artwork
  • Musical instruments
  • Collectables

Air controlled self storage units can be found at the following Shield Storage locations:

  1. Old Barn Self Storage – Grass Valley, CA
  2. 9th & X Self Storage – Sacramento, CA

Vehicle Storage Units and Spaces

Vehicle storage is an asset to many, especially in areas where there is not enough space to park extra vehicles, boats, or an RV on your property. In most areas, this would be a violation of your residential HOA (Home Owners Association). Thus, at Shield Storage, we provide covered and uncovered vehicle storage and parking spaces at several our locations nationwide.

Covered vehicle storage includes all spaces that are covered by an awning of some kind to protect your vehicle from sun damage.
Uncovered vehicle storage includes all spaces that do not have any type of covering provided. These are optimal for larger vehicles such as large boats, RVs, and trailers.
You can also store your vehicle in some of the larger units that can be found at some of our locations.

  1. Shield Storage – Sonora, CA
  2. Shield Storage of Sonora – Sonora, CA
  3. Garden Hwy Self Storage – Yuba City, CA
  4. A Better Storage Solution – Post Falls, ID
  5. 528 Armor Storage – Bernalillo, NM
  6. Northern BLVD Storage – Rio Rancho, NM
  7. Southern Highlands Self Storage – Las Vegas, NV
  8. Shield Storage (Jones Rd.) – Las Vegas, NV
  9. Shield Storage (Simmons St.) – North Las Vegas, NV
  10. Shield Storage (W. Craig Rd.) – North Las Vegas, NV
  11. Lockwood Landing Self Storage – Sparks, NV
  12. Desert Highlands Mini Storage – Sparks, NV
  13. Vista Park Self Storage – Sparks, NV
  14. Sun Valley Stor It – Sun Valley, NV