10 Steps to Storing Your Classic Car Between Car Shows

Classic Car shows in Las Vegas are enjoyed by many young and old. Those who attend with their cars to show spend months, if not years, preparing them to be showed off. Thus, storing your classic car in Las Vegas is a vital piece of the process.


Cars Shows in Las Vegas are a popular past-time for many. They are just as much joy to attend as a spectator as they are for those who have a classic vehicle entered. For some showing their car is more than a hobby.


There are many who enter their pride and joy into show after show. Preparing their car and getting it to a show in Las Vegas is a dream come true! For others, they are prepared and ready year in and year out for Las Vegas Classic Car Shows, but keeping their car stored properly still presents a challenge.


Proper storage of your car is a step towards show success.


If you are storing your classic car outdoors, you are fighting an uphill battle each time it’s time to prepare for another show. Your storage process can help propel you towards success, especially when storing your classic car in a self storage unit.


When you are intentional with your storage process, you are taking a big step towards success. You will also save a lot of time when it is time to prepare your car for another show.


Ensuring you store your classic car properly is essential, especially if you have a classic car in pristine condition. You won’t want to store your classic car, which is in top condition, outside where the elements could impact the condition it’s in.


Where you choose to store your classic car can make all the difference.  


Choosing to store your classic car in an uncovered space can cause a lot of damage to your classic car if you aren’t careful. Weather, dust, and proximity to other vehicles can cause unwanted damage.


If you choose to store your car under a covered parking space, you will have more protection. However, you will still have work to do when you get your car prior to each show.

Where you choose to store your classic car can make all the difference.

Is there a better storage solution? There is!


Storing your classic car inside a storage unit will protect your classic car from surrounding vehicles and the elements. Below are 10 steps you can take to prepare your classic car to be stored in a self storage unit!


10 Steps to storing your classic car in a self storage unit.


1. Clean your classic car inside and out!

Before storing your classic car, you will want to detail that beauty inside and out. Detail the outside by cleaning and waxing the exterior. Then, wipe down and vacuum the interior to finish it off.


2. Perform any necessary or routine maintenance.

Prior to storing your classic car, perform any maintenance that is required on the vehicle. This includes changing the oil or any other necessary repairs. It is important to get these things completed before you store your vehicle in a self storage unit. These repairs cannot be done while your vehicle is in storage.

Perform car maintenance before storing with Shield Storage

3. Ensure your insurance is up to date and will protect your car while in storage.

You will want to make sure that your insurance is current and will cover your classic car while it is being stored at one of our self storage facilities. If it isn’t, be sure to update it before storing your vehicle with Shield Storage.


4. Don’t forget about the battery!

For older vehicles, you will want to unplug the battery of your car once it is in storage. This will help preserve the battery for the next time you are ready to take her out to show her off.


5. Gas her up!

Gassing your vehicle up before storage can help prevent moisture from building up and getting trapped which can strain the valves on your vehicle. Filling your gas tank will also help keep the seals protected and from drying up.


6. Fill the tires with air.

Along with filling your gas tank, you will want to fill your tires too. Over time, your tire pressure will change. If you aren’t careful, you may show up to your storage unit to get your vehicle and a tire could be flat. To help prevent this, fill your tires to the proper PSI before storing it inside a self storage unit at one of our Shield Storage locations.

Fill your tires before storing your classic car in self storage

7. Get the right cover.

Even though your vehicle is being stored inside, you will still want to find the right cover for your car while it is being stored. This will help protect it while you’re away. It will also help keep the condition in tip-top-shape between car shows.


8. Keep your classic car in place with the right tools.

You want to be careful while storing your classic car and take all the precautions you can to ensure it stays right where it belongs while in storage. To do this, store your classic car on jacks or with wheel wedges or immobilizers, like these, to ensure it stays in place. This can be especially important if there is any slope that may cause your car to want to shift over time.


9. Don’t forget about your classic car between car shows.

It’s important not to forget about your car between car shows. Stop by and check on your vehicle regularly to make sure everything is right where you left it.


10. Find a storage facility.

Finding the right place to store your classic car is important. You can find storage units with drive-up access that have plenty of space for your classic car at our Southern Highlands Self Storage location in Las Vegas. Or you can find a smaller unit for one of your smaller classic vehicles at our Shield Storage location on North Jones Blvd.


Storing your classic car is an important process when it comes to showing your vehicle at a Car Show in Las Vegas or anywhere else. Deciding where to store your vehicle is an important decision to make. You can learn more about vehicle storage in our Storage Guide.


If you’re ready for a better storage solution for your classic car, contact one of our Las Vegas stores today to learn more about how we can help assist you with your classic car storage.

10 Steps to Storing Your Classic Car Between Car Shows

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