Prices starting at:

$47.00 — 5 X 5 2nd Floor
$110.00 — 5 X 10 2nd Floor
$117.00 — 10 X 10 3rd Floor
$143.00 — 10 X 15 2nd Floor
$238.00 — 10 X 20 3rd Floor
$269.00 — 10 X 22 3rd Floor
$180.00 — 30 Parking

Storage Boxx of Summerlin

3251 N Dapple Gray Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89129


I'd give 5 star rating, but I never give 5 star to anyone, but Kat has made a definite impression on us! I worked in the business for years, and to be honest, shes top notch. I love the proud attitude she has to the company and to her facility. It made me want to come back to the storage business. But as a customer, I feel like this will be the right place for us to be as customers. You can barely find a comfortable home in the city we live in and this was one, I feel is just right. Thanks Kat!!!! Chris and Michelle

— Christopher Easley (on June 03, 2022)

I was looking for something in the area and I looked around at multiple places before choosing which storage location I wanted to go with. I choose this facility for multiple reasons, the first is that this facility by far has the best and friendliest management. Kat is very attentive and helpful. Every interaction I have had with her, she has been accommodating and pleasant. The facility is also the cleanest one I have been to in this area. The only negative I can think of is that even though it climate controlled, this facility wasn't the coolest of ones I looked at. But also keep in mind I rented this location this week during an extreme heat wave and the outside temperatures have been 110+ (in September). Even still, I still felt this was the best choice, especially because of how helpful and attentive Kat was in my first interaction with her and the cleanliness of the facility, which is what made me select this specific location. I'm still in my first week of using this location for my storage needs, but so far so good.

— TheBuzzLV Social (on September 06, 2022)

Prices starting at:

$109.00 — 5 X 10 Storage Unit
$168.00 — 10 X 10 Storage Unit
$324.00 — 10 X 15 Storage Unit
$333.00 — 10 X 20 Storage Unit
$347.00 — 10 X 25 Storage Unit
$351.00 — 10 X 30 Storage Unit

Southern Highlands Self Storage

3001 Robert Trent Jones Lane
Las Vegas, NV 89141

(702) 780-4561

Clean and well maintained, very friendly and helpful staff and of course in fantanstic safe Southern Highlands neighborhood. Prices comparable to nearby faciliites. Prices may seem higher than average, but it is because of its location. There are no bums or homeless anywhere in sight. You have to go to the older part of town for cheaper storage units. Note you can get locked in after 11PM, so watch the time. Otherwise you have to call the police to get out. My old storage facility had exit gates that open any time once you are on the inside. But I guess it makes it more secure to not do that.

— Carl Shepard (on July 13, 2022)

If you're looking for a GREAT, SAFE & CLEAN storage facility that you don't have to worry about your boat or RV Southern Highlands Self Storage should be your new home! I have been there for over a year and very pleased with the staff and facility.

— Mark Grenier (on July 12, 2022)

Prices starting at:

$71.00 — 5 X 10 Storage Unit
$135.00 — 10 X 10 Storage Unit
$182.00 — 10 X 15 Storage Unit
$299.00 — 10 X 25 Storage Unit
$392.00 — 10 X 30 Storage Unit
$240.00 — 32 Parking
$256.00 — 40 Parking

Shield Storage of North Jones Blvd

4850 N. Jones Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89130


We have been storing our travel trailer at Sheild Storage of North Jones Blvd for 10 years. We have no complaints about this facility. Management is professional and obviously takes pride in the company. It is a clean, secure location to store your property.

— Charles Mahoney (on June 30, 2022)


— NUKEFIELD- Xlll (on September 26, 2022)

Las Vegas, NV Storage Solutions

Shield Storage offers several storage solutions for the residents of Las Vegas, NV. There is great uncertainty in many aspects of life today. One thing you can be sure of, however, is that your personal and business items can be stored securely at one of our locations. This offered me peace of mind as I looked for a storage unit near me. Our self storage facilities offer many different storage options such as small to large storage units. We also offer covered parking and storage for your RV, boat, and trailer. Some facilities even mailboxes for rent. We strive to offer facilities around the area that meet the multiple, varying needs of those in our community. Our staff at each of our Las Vegas locations is dedicated to ensuring that your things are always secured and safe. All our locations offer multiple security features including a manager on-site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

Las Vegas Storage Solutions with a Personal Touch

At each of our self storage locations, our staff strives to offer a personal touch to each of the interactions we have with our customers. We want our customers to know that they can contact each Store Manager with confidence knowing that their problems will be meant with solutions. Our team is action-oriented! We want to ensure you that no matter how long your stay at one of our stores, you will always be taken care of. The Shield Storage Las Vegas stores also offer better storage solutions that will meet your individual needs. Our facilities can meet any of your specific storage needs. Whether that is a short-term 30-day rental, changing storage units due to a change in your needs, or daily access to your unit.  

Shield Storage Solutions at a Facility near you

With four convenient store locations in the greater Las Vegas, NV area, our facilities offer a wide variety of solutions. Whether you are looking for a climate-controlled storage unit or a unit with drive-up access, you can find what you are looking for at one of our many facilities. Small business storage is available, and welcome at any of our facilities for your convenience. You can also find storage solutions that meet your needs for items such as pictures or antiques that you may not want to keep in an outdoor, drive-up unit. Therefore, we offer climate-controlled self-storage units at all our Las Vegas locations. In today’s world, the last thing you want to worry about is the daunting task of where to store your personal items. You shouldn't have to worry about the items of someone you love either. As a business owner, you have more to worry about than where your business documents are being held. Therefore, at Shield Storage, we aspire to make your rental experience as smooth as possible. With contactless move-ins, online reservations, and multiple user-friendly payment options our customers know they are at the center of everything we do.  

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