Moving to Fallon, NV: Pros & Cons, Tips, & More!

Fallon, Nevada, is a small, high desert town best known as the home of Naval Air Station Fallon. With a population of less than 9,000, it’s a tight-knit community free from the hustle and bustle of city life.

If you’re moving to Fallon, NV, we’re here to help. Check out our local guide to learn more about housing, local amenities, weather, and more.

Reasons to Love Fallon

Fallon may be a bit off the beaten path, but for us locals, that’s one of the city’s biggest perks. Here are a few reasons to love our small military town.

Arid Climate

Fallon’s semi-arid climate means hot summers and relatively mild winters. Snowfall is uncommon, and sunny days are plentiful — Fallon has more than 300 days of sunshine yearly.

Low Population Density

If traffic and crowds aren’t your thing, Fallon is the place for you. The city offers a slower pace of life with true small-town, rural living. Plus, the amenities of Reno are just an hour away.

Beautiful Landscapes

There’s a unique beauty found in the desert. In Fallon, these landscapes are everywhere you turn. Whether you decide to buy property or simply get out in nature, be sure to soak up the big sky and wide open spaces.

No State Income Tax

Like all Nevada cities, Fallon has no state income tax, so you get to take home more of your paycheck every month.

What Are the Drawbacks of Living in Fallon?

Of course, life in Fallon has its downsides. Housing costs are relatively high for a small, rural town — the median home cost is $358,165, yet the average household income is under $65,000. Public education is also a concern, with most schools rating between 3-5 out of 10. Though residents don’t have to pay state income tax, sales taxes in Fallon are quite high. The minimum combined sales tax rate in Fallon is 7.6%, which is on par with many bigger cities.

Pro Tips on Moving to Fallon, NV

Though your move to Fallon could be a big change of pace, there are ways to make the transition a bit easier. Here are our top tips to streamline your move.

Find Suitable Housing

Finding the right housing for your needs could be challenging in a small town, so visit ahead of time to explore your options. Do you want to own property? Do you want to live near the highway for easy travel or close to your child’s school? 

Embrace the Change

Fallon, Nevada, is a unique city with a warm, inviting community. Upon arrival, embrace the change by exploring local businesses, nearby lakes like Lahontan Reservoir, outdoor trails, and community events. 

Explore the Surrounding Areas

Though Fallon has a relatively small population, you can expand your horizons (and access to services) by exploring a nearby city like Fernley or Hazen. When you want a taste of bigger city living, head to nearby Reno.

Ways to Streamline Your Move to Fallon, NV

It’s easy to get caught up in the endless to-do list of your move. But by being a bit more intentional, you can avoid some of the common stressors.

  • Create a moving budget: Consider all the hidden moving costs, including gas, moving van insurance, car towing, and more.
  • Schedule packing and moving timetables: Break things down by weeks and days, so you know exactly what to do and when to do it.
  • Buy the right packing supplies: Moving blankets, wardrobe boxes, and packing peanuts can make all the difference to ensure your belongings arrive safe and undamaged.
  • Pack in the right order: By packing essentials last (and within reach), you’ll ensure you have everything you need when you need it.
  • Use self-storage to stage the move: Self-storage relieves stress by allowing you to move in manageable phases.

Alleviate Moving Stress with Shield Storage

In Fallon, life moves a little slower, and the sky’s a little bigger. We can’t wait to welcome you to our community.

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