Why You Can’t Sleep in Your Self Storage Unit

Many people wonder if you’re allowed to sleep in your self storage unit. The short answer is – No.  


There are many reasons, however, for this answer that go much deeper than a two letter answer. Allowing tenants to sleep in their storage units presents several risks for everyone involved.  


Unfortunately, there are many layers to the reality of why you can’t sleep in your self storage unit. To fully understand the different angles of this type of situation, you have to consider what is occurring when someone is considering sleeping in their mini storage unit.  


For starters, it isn’t safe for anyone involved.  

It isn’t safe to sleep in your self storage unit.

It isn’t safe to sleep in your self storage unit. 

Sleeping in your storage unit might sound like a perfect solution for some. However, in reality, it’s not safe. Someone might believe it’s safe because they don’t have to worry about anyone bothering them while they sleep.  Also, they wouldn’t have to worry about anyone bothering or stealing their things.


However, if the unit door gets stuck while you’re inside you could be in great danger. For example, if there were a fire or another unexpected emergency.  


Speaking of injuries, if you are harmed while living or sleeping in your self storage unit, you won’t be covered by the facility. Per your lease agreement, damages that result from you living in your unit are not covered and your insurance policy probably won’t cover you either. You’re inheriting the risk.  


To protect our customers, we have policies in place that make sleeping in your self storage unit banned.  


Bugs and rodents can be attracted to your unit and infest other units as well.  

Many times, when someone is sleeping in a storage unit, they are also eating in the unit. Food, crumbs, and/or trash can attract bugs or rodents.

Sleeping in your self storage unit could lead to bugs

If someone is sleeping in their unit and leaves behind trash and crumbs, it could cause an infestation of multiple units – not just that one.  


Also, if someone is locked in a storage unit overnight to sleep, they have no access to bathroom facilities. This can cause a whole different set of problems. No matter which way you look at it, the damage that can occur from these types of infestations is extremely costly to our customers and the facility.  


Allowing people to sleep in their storage units increases the likelihood of theft.  

Another problem with allowing people to sleep in their self storage unit is that it increases the likelihood of theft occurring on the property. If someone is asleep in their storage unit, they could have access to the property afterhours which could lead to break-ins in other units.  


Just like any other policy, as a company, we can’t pick and choose who we allow to do something and who we don’t. This is especially true when it comes to sleeping in a self storage unit. Thus, we have to have a rule that is implemented across the board.


What’s more, it is illegal to sleep in a storage unit. If you are found sleeping in a storage unit, you could be arrested. 


Though we understand the solution that sleeping in your self storage unit provides, it is not a practical solution.  

At Shield Storage, your safety is our biggest priority.

At Shield Storage, your safety is our biggest priority.  

Our customers’ safety is our biggest priority. It’s important that we provide a safe environment for your things as well as our customers. No matter the time of day, we want out customers to feel safe. 


Be sure to contact the onsite staff if you see any behavior that seems out of the ordinary. This can include someone living in a storage unit or finding food or trash that seems out of place.  


You can contact our friendly staff during normal business hours or you can contact us here. If you need to access the information for your closest store, you can find their location’s page here 


Are you are looking for a safe environment to store your personal or business items? We work tirelessly to provide the best storage solution for our customers. Find a Shield Storage location nearby today and start storing with us! 


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