Relocating to North Las Vegas? Your Moving Guide!

North Las Vegas is a city of over 25,000 people and is still growing. Are you considering relocating to North Las Vegas? This guide will help the relocation process of your family and/or business go as smoothly as possible.  


North Las Vegas is a hot spot for families and businesses due to the proximity to Las Vegas, NV. You have access to some of the best entertainment and dining available here, and you won’t regret your move! 


Let’s admit it though, moving isn’t fun.  

Relocating to North Las Vegas Your Moving Guide!

No one, unless they own a moving business, likes to move. It’s stressful.  


There are a lot of moving parts to moving your family or business. Relocating amplifies that stress. So, to help make relocating to North Las Vegas smoother we’ve put together this relocation guide! 


Here are the best tips and tricks we know to make relocating to North Las Vegas smoother.  


Your North Las Vegas Relocation Guide! 


Choose the neighborhood and school district you prefer if you have kids. 

If you have kids, you’ll want to be sure to do your research and decide not only where you want to live, but where you want your kids to go to school. These are decisions that can affect the success of your relocation.  


Take the time to do your research before it’s too late. Start looking for your new neighborhood here! 


Find where you’re going to live. 

The first thing you must do when relocating is to find where you want to live. When finding the place you want to live, you need to make sure you move your family and business to a neighborhood that really fits your needs. 


You need to decide if you’re going to find a rental or buy a home before you move there. Take the time, before you move, to find where you’re going to live. If you wait, you’ll be stuck with something that doesn’t fit your needs. 

Your North Las Vegas Relocation Guide!

Get to know the area. 

Once you know where you want to live, you can get to know the area by researching the area you have chosen to settle. When you do your research, you will show up ready to enjoy all your new neighborhood has to offer.  


You can start researching by looking into things such as: 

  • Best neighborhood parks 
  • Local restaurants in_____ neighborhood…. 
  • Best places to shop 


You can also research things that you have interest in such as where to hike, see plays, or go biking.  

What is there to do in the North Las Vegas area


What is there to do in the North Las Vegas area 

While we’re at it, don’t just look for things to do in your new neighborhood, but look for things to do in the entire North Las Vegas area! 


You can find some of the best entertainment in the world not far from here on the Las Vegas Strip! 


Or, you can find great places to eat in the North Las Vegas area here. 


If you’re really looking to get the full experience of your new community after relocating to North Las Vegas, you can find a vast number of options of things to do here. From the Aliante Nature Discovery Park to the Planetarium, there is plenty to do for anyone in your family. 



Find the best place to store your items when relocating to North Las Vegas. 

Find the best place to store your items when relocating to North Las Vegas.

Relocating to a new city can be extremely stressful. But it doesn’t have to be. You can find some great resources in your new local area. Resources that will help make moving a bit easier and get you to enjoying your new surroundings that much faster.  


One of the best, least known, resources that can help you during your relocation is a self storage facility. Here, you will find a place where you can store your extra items until your new home is ready or until you are able to move into a larger space.  


We offer several locations in the North Las Vegas area to meet all your storage needs. Whether you need climate-controlled storage, vehicle storage, or typical self storage, we are here for you! Contact one of our North Las Vegas locations today to find the best price and availability near your new home.  

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