Is Stockton, CA a good place to live? (Pros/Cons of living in Stockton, CA)

Is Stockton, CA a good place to live?

Stockton has had its share of tough luck in recent years. Still, people wonder if Stockton, CA is a good place to live.


As the cost of living rises in larger metropolitan areas, people are looking for other areas to live in, and that’s where Stockton comes in. With affordable neighborhoods, plenty of places to visit, and an excellent weather, here’s more to know about the city if you’re considering living here.

Living in Stockton, CA

Brief History

Known by a few nicknames such as Mudville, Weberville, and Brick City, the city of Stockton, is also recognized as one of the oldest cities in Northern California.


Since the arrival of the Central Pacific Railroad and until now, the city is the center of vegetables, fruits, and wine production. Thus, there are a lot of farmers’ markets and U-Pick farms in the area where you can get your fresh produce and bottles of wine.


Over the years, Stockton has played a significant role in the history of California. The city remains a hub for diversity since its founding. It’s a home to many different cultures and ethnicities that are recognized through street names and architecture.


Crime grade in the city

According to Crime Grade, the overall crime grade of Stockton falls in the D+ category. D+ means the crime rate in the city is higher than the average US metropolitan area.


If you’re looking for a place to live in Stockton, you can start in the southeast part of the city. Locals and tourist alike find the southeastern part of Stockton the safest area.

         Crime in Stockton

Is Stockton safe?

Wherever you go, there will always be good and bad neighborhoods. However, when you move into unfamiliar territory, you would want to find and settle in a safe neighborhood. Here are a few of the safe neighborhoods in Stockton, CA:


  • Spanos Park

This neighborhood is perfect for professional individuals or starting families. It’s filled with diverse communities and houses a family-friendly resort where you can take your friends and family golfing and enjoy the vibrant sunny view.


  • Weston Ranch

One of the best-selling points of this neighborhood is that it’s only one hour away from the San Francisco Bay Area. For families, there are great school districts within the area making this neighborhood an option for families with kids.


  • Brookside

Brookside is one of the neighborhoods in Stockton that is a little bit more luxurious than the rest. They offer great apartments and real estate properties. Within the community sits a man-made lake that appeals to those looking for a home with a waterfront view.


Economic growth and average income

As the population increases in Stockton, CA, so does the median household income. As of 2019, the population saw a .48% increase, and the median household increased by 9.59%.


Is Stockton, California expensive to live in?

There are luxurious neighborhoods in the area, but out of the big cities, Stockton is the most affordable in terms of housing and pricing of commodities.

Cost of living in Stockton

With the cost of living in the area only 17% higher than the national average, a professional individual will be capable of covering all living expenses.


Cons of living in Stockton, CA

If you plan to live in Stockton, California, you’ll want to know the pros and cons.


Before deciding if this is the city for you, weigh the pros and cons carefully. Starting with the cons. It’s not a secret that Stockton is known for its high crime rate. Commuting can be a headache during rush hour, and it’s advisable to have your own vehicle for a bit of ease in commute.


While it has its own big red flags, it still has some redeeming qualities. And just like every other place you visit or consider settling in, there are disadvantages, and it’s best to always take precautions to be safe. Familiarize yourself with the local emergency numbers and the address of hospitals and police stations.


Pros of living in Stockton, CA

As for the pros of living in Stockton, CA, the first would be the weather. Locals and tourists never have to worry about extreme climates or fluctuating temperatures. Another great thing about the city is its diverse community and cuisine. The city celebrates annual events such as Cinco de Mayo, Greek Food Festival, Cambodian New Year, and Obon Festival, among others.

Attractions in Stockton, CA

Situated in the heart of California, you’ll never run out of beautiful places to visit when you live in Stockton. While flocks of tourists can be a disadvantage, the privilege to live in a city where tons of destinations and attractions are and visit them whenever you want is a bit of a win.


All in all, it’s a relatively affordable place to live and the weather is always pleasant. And while there are some downsides, what neighborhood or city doesn’t have them?



In conclusion, Stockton, CA is a good place to live. Not only is the city affordable compared to other big metro areas, but it also boasts a diverse community that remains open to everyone from anywhere.


Living in Stockton, CA means you never run out of things to do and see. The city would most likely appeal more to those who are looking to settle in a busy city where they can keep up pace with.


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