How to Safely Store Linens in a Storage Unit

Whether your linen closet is full or you’re just in need of temporary storage while you move, a storage unit is one of the perfect solutions to safely store linens. However, there are a few steps and tips on how to safely store linens in a storage unit to keep them from being damaged.


So, before you pack away all your linens, here are the quick steps and tips to keep your linens in good condition. Be it long-term or short-term storage.


Step-by-Step Guide

Linens are one of the items that need special care when stored. In this step-by-step guide, we will show you how to properly clean and store your linens, so they stay in good condition. With a little preparation, your linens can be safely tucked away until you need them again.

wash your linens before you store them

Step 1: Wash everything

You can’t store dirty linens. If you want your linens to last for years, make sure to wash them before putting them away. What’s more, washing them before storing them in storage helps keep away pests and mold.


Also, after washing your linens you need to make sure they are dried to prevent mildew. Doing so will also help avoid there being a musty smell sticking to your fabric.


Step 2: Sort and organize

Neatly storing your linens in storage will help you in the long run as you need to pull linens out of storage. Sort them according to use—stack the linens you usually take out for use in a box or someplace in your storage that is easily accessed.


To save space in storage, neatly roll your towels. Doing so allows you to take up less space compared to folding your linens in squares. Also, when storing long-term, it’s ideal to roll your towel to prevent unwanted creases in the fabric.


Read here for more neat organization tips.


Step 3: Keep your linens fresh and clean

Aside from washing your linens, there are other few tips you can steal to keep your linens fresh and clean while in storage.


There are tons of household or every day-use product you can use to keep and maintain your linens’ freshness. You can use fabric sprays and baking soda to absorb odor. Also, you can use drying sheets to keep mildew from growing inside your box.


Moreover, you can’t just store your linens in the corner of your unit. Pack your folded fabrics in a fabric box, storage bins, or a trunk. Doing so will help maintain the fabric’s good condition and preserve it from wearing and tearing.


Be sure to remember to avoid overpacking.

safely store linens in self storage

Step 4: Picking the right storage

Ventilation is key when storing clothing and fabric in a self storage unit. Look into climate-controlled storage units. Such storage units are maintained in a specific temperature, which is ideal for those who store valuable and delicate items. What’s more, this is important when it comes to the more delicate fabrics you want to store.

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Can you store linens in a storage unit?

Yes, you can store linens in a storage unit. Whether you no longer have space for your linens in your closet or you’re looking for a temporary storage solution, a self storage unit is a worthy investment to safe-keep your belongings.


Two things can damage your linens overtime, and those are light and moisture. This is why self storage units are the perfect storage solution. Not only are the units secured but also dark and dry—safe from light and moisture. So whether you’re storing long-term or short-term, you’re guaranteed your linens will be kept safe and in good condition in a storage unit.


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How do you keep linens fresh in storage?

It’s easy to keep your linens fresh in storage with the right supplies. You can use Cedar blocks or moisture absorber bags to eliminate odors and moisture. You can also opt for potpourri if you want a subtle aroma. Another tip to keep your linens fresh is to organize them by having separate boxes for each type of linen or depending on its usage to make it easier to take out what you need when you need it.


If your concern is keeping clothing pests and moths away from your linen, you can put a few mothballs in your box. It’s an efficient way to repel insects and pests. However, make sure to read the precautions on the box and follow the safety label.

self storage is a perfect place to store your linens


When it comes to the best ways to store your linens in storage, make sure that you do so in a way that keeps them organized and accessible. By following our step-by-step guide on how to store linens in a storage unit, you’re guaranteed they are stored in great condition until you need them again.


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