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How Does Business Storage Provide a Better Storage Solution?

Why Choose Business Storage?


Business storage is a cost-effective solution for your documents, inventory, parts, or equipment.

When compared to commercial space, renting a storage unit can save you thousands of dollars per month.


Our Shield Storage locations are conveniently located to provide our customers with easy, convenient access.

Most of our storage facilities offer drive-up storage units that provide an easy and convenient way for you to load and unload your business items. This is especially convenient for businesses that need to store furniture or vehicles.

Month-to-month agreements provide a convenient, flexible option for your business. Many commercial spaces force you to sign a lease which will lock you into a space for an extended period.


Inventory or document storage: Many storage solutions provide multiple options for you to consider for your business. From smaller 5×10 units that are perfect for document storage to 10×10 units that can house your inventory, the variety allows you to choose what will fit your business’s needs the best.

Vehicle Storage: Larger storage units and outdoor parking spaces provide a better storage solution for your work truck, trailers, or large equipment.

Parts, Inventory, and other business needs: With so many size options available, you can choose a storage unit that will fit your businesses needs no matter how big or small. If storing parts, inventory, or furniture our facilities have a storage unit that is just the right fit.


We understand that security is a priority for business owners. You want to do the most we can to ensure your business items are safe and secure while storing with us at Shield Storage.

If you have questions about the security features available at the Shield Storage near you, contact us today.

Though the security features at our facilities may vary, the typical security features you will find at Shield Storage locations include:

  • Digital Surveillance System
  • Fully Enclosed and Gated
  • Protection Plans for Stored Property Available
  • Gate Access with Personal Access Code

Who Needs Business Storage?

Why? Business professionals from many different industries utilize self storage for their business needs. Doctors and lawyers are typically required to keep patient and client records for an extended period (which can vary by state). Any business is required to keep their financial statements and tax records for at least 7 years. Keeping these records can take up quite a bit of space which is why these professionals use self storage for their business storage needs.

What types of things do business professionals use storage for:

  • Client/Patient Records
  • Financial Documents
  • Unused office equipment

Types of Professionals who utilize Self Storage for business storage:

  • Doctors
  • Lawyers
  • Financial Institutions

Restaurants utilize storage for many purposes. Not only do they keep their financial records in storage, but they can also utilize self storage to:

  • Store furniture from the dining room
  • Decorations for special events and occasions
  • Extra items such as:
    • Employee uniforms
    • Dishes
    • Glasses

Are you a plumber, pool service technician, or even a handyman? These tradesmen, along with many others, utilize self storage to help support their business.

Self storage provides these individuals with a place to keep tools, parts, and other inventory that they need to have on hand for the jobs they do.

Ecommerce has become extremely popular in recent years. To be successful, however, you must keep inventory stocked and ready to be shipped.

Your customers don’t want to wait for extended periods for the pieces they’ve purchased.

To make this possible, you can use a self storage unit to keep inventory, so you are stocked and ready to go when your orders come in!

Small manufacturers can utilize self storage to store inventory especially during large projects.

While completing production, having the available space to store the inventory you are creating can become a problem.

Self storage provides a place for you to store completed projects until they’re ready to be shipped.

Small business owners in many different industries win with self storage!

Today, many small business owners work from home and are using their extra space in their garages, basements, and other spaces for their business storage.

Whether you are looking for more storage space for documents, supplies or equipment, using self storage provides the small business owner with a cost-effective, convenient storage solution.

Real estate agents can often be found with an office full of signs, flyers, and other items that begin to pile up.

Though they need to have these things accessible, they clutter an office quickly. What better place to keep your signs, flyers, supplies, and old documentation than in a self storage unit.

Utilizing self storage can help you stay organized and keep your office looking professional and ready to welcome in your next client.

Staging homes that are for sale is a true art. These businesses need a place to keep the furniture they use to stage homes that would otherwise be empty.

Self storage provides the flexibility these companies need as they move furniture in and out of homes.

Each home needs a separate look and feel so it is common for these business owners to have multiple storage units to allow them to provide their clients with the options they need to get the right look and feel for the home being sold

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Business Storage FAQs

No. Though you can use a storage unit to meet many of your business needs, you cannot use it as an office due to safety concerns.

Technically, yes. Depending on the business you can use a storage unit to “run your business” especially if you are in ecommerce. However, you cannot use a storage unit as a shop or office.

Some storage locations will accept deliveries for customers. Please contact us today to inquire about the specifics of the Shield Storage location near you to be sure they can accommodate this request.

Yes. Having a business storage unit is considered an expense for doing business. For further information, please contact your tax professional.

No. You may not use a storage unit as a shop to perform vehicle maintenance. Due to the chemicals and fumes this goes against the agreement signed by customers

Yes. If you have multiple businesses and desire to share the space with your own entities, please feel free to do so.