How to Pack a Storage Unit to Maximize Space


If you’re like most of us, you probably have more stuff than you know what to do with. As the years go by, we often accumulate items as gifts from friends and family or we buy them ourselves. We don’t always use these items, but we don’t want to get rid of them, either.
A great way to keep your prized positions from cluttering up the home is by renting a storage unit. Getting all your items into a storage unit can seem like a difficult task, but it doesn’t have to be. Today, we’ll show you how you can pack a storage unit to maximize space.


There are several different storage organizing ideas that can help maximize space. We recommend you start with an “outside to inside” strategy. When you’re putting the first items in your storage unit, make sure that you line the unit’s walls first. Leave an aisle between your items so that you will have easy access to all your belongings. Not only will this help maximize space, it will also save you a lot of time when you’re looking for things in the future. By having an organized unit, you’ll be able to store more items in a smaller space, which will help you avoid having to rent another unit.


When you begin packing your items inside of the unit, try to put your largest items in first. This will save space by placing smaller items on top and larger ones at the bottom. Since your larger items are on the bottom of the pile, they won’t crush your smaller items. By doing this, you can store your items from floor to ceiling without the danger of them falling over on top of you.


If you are wondering how to pack storage unit rooms to get the most out of the space provided, you should think vertically. When you have large bulky items like sofas and dressers, you should stand them up. This will help you save tons of space that you can use to store more items in. But remember to be careful when standing those items up and get some help to make sure you can work safely. You can pack a lot of furniture in a small space if you utilize this very helpful storage organizing idea. It will also make removing large furniture from your unit easier.


If you’re going to be storing a kitchen table in your unit, you’ll soon realize it can take up a lot of space. But there is something that you can do to reduce its size. By taking off the legs, you’ll be able to store it on its side. Disassembling a table doesn’t take more than a few minutes and can provide huge payoffs in space savings. After you have taken the table apart, make sure to place it against the wall of the unit to save even more space and keep it from getting scratched.


Looking for more storage organizing ideas? Why not add some shelving to your storage unit? While you might have to spend a few extra dollars on shelving, you will save a lot more space. Shelving will allow you to store small to medium sized items and boxes vertically. This will take up less floor space than just storing your items on the ground. Additionally, you will be able to keep your items organized so you can find them when you need to retrieve them. Remember, over time you will probably accumulate more items and you may have to buy more shelving for your unit.


Another way to save space and time when packing a storage unit is by placing boxes on pallets. This will allow you to stack vertically and get more boxes in one space without the risk of them falling over. Keep in mind, you will need to stack heavier boxes on the bottom and lighter ones on the top. This will also help keep your boxes off the floor keeping them dry and safe. Also, make sure that you place your items in durable boxes that are strong and can handle the pressure of being stacked on top of one another. You can also use plastic wrap to bundle boxes together for extra stability.
If you are thinking of renting a storage unit in the near future, please give us a call. Here at Shield Storage, we have plenty of room for rent, with multiple locations to serve you. We provide a wide range of storage options, so if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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