How to Keep Mice Out of Your Storage Unit

Mice are notorious for getting into everything, and storage units are no exception. If you want to keep these rodents away, or better yet, prevent them from infesting your unit, here are 3 easy steps to keep mice out of your storage unit:


  1. Inspect your storage unit for mice

  2. How to store your belongings to detract mice

  3. Never store food in a storage unit

keep mice out of your storage unit

In our blog, you will be able to find the answers to your most asked questions on rodent infestation such as:


  1. How can I keep mice away from my storage unit?

  2. What do I do if my storage unit is infested by rodents?

  3. Visit your unit regularly to protect against mice


With these simple steps of prevention and precaution, you can keep mice out of your storage unit and protect your belongings from damage. Moreover, there are preventive measures you can take to prevent mice infestation before it’s too late.


Inspect your storage unit for mice

The first thing you want to do to keep mice out of your storage unit is to inspect it for mice activity. It’s important to look for the signs, so you can take care of them before they cause you any problems and your belongings damaged.


      Look for any evidence

Check if there are traces of foul odors, mice droppings, or pawprints inside your storage unit.


Another way to spot mice infestation is by seeing gnaw marks on boxes and containers. There will be a pile of shredded materials near the item they gnawed on, and most likely this is where they nest.


      Look for unsealed entry points

Even in the smallest hole, a mouse can still get through and cause damage to your items. Examine every nook and cranny in your storage unit for wall cracks or unsealed areas that may be entry points for mice. Check the walls, especially the corners, where most pests burrow.


Regularly visit your storage unit for cleaning to keep away mice from your belongings. Before locking your storage, make sure your floors are swept clean.

How to Keep Mice Out of Your Storage Unit

How to store your belongings to detract mice

Mice can cause a lot of damage in a short amount of time. Not only do they chew through materials, but they also spread disease.


If you’re storing valuable items in a storage unit, here’s how to properly store them to detract mice:


      Heavy duty hard plastic storage totes with lids

When packing your belongings, use heavy-duty plastic storage totes instead of boxes. Mice like to chew on cardboard or paper. To avoid attracting them, pack your items in heavy-duty plastic containers.


If you’re eco-conscious and against stacking plastic in your storage unit, you can opt for the greener alternative with eco-storage units made from recycled plastic.


      Use a mouse-proof mattress storage bag

Another place where rodents like to nest is in mattresses. You can prevent them from camping between the cushion and springs by wrapping your mattress in rodent-resistant storage bags.


      Keep belongings off the ground

Be proactive in keeping your belongings safe. Simply keeping your items elevated off the ground with a wooden pallet or plywood will save you from dealing with unwanted damages.

wrap your furniture in plastic

      Wrap all upholstered furniture in plastic

It’s impossible to pack furniture in a box. Thus, for bulky and huge furniture, use plastic to wrap it tightly and keep it protected. This will act as protection not only from pesky rodents but bugs too.


     Remove cardboard and paper items

As mentioned above, cardboard and paper items are two items mice love to chew. Avoid the risk of attracting rodents by throwing away all unnecessary items made of cardboard or paper.



Never store food in a storage unit

Nothing attracts rodents like spoiled food. Make sure you don’t make the mistake of storing perishable items in your storage unit.


Shield Storage discourages renters from storing food in their storage unit. This is to protect the items in storage, including those belonging to your storage neighbors.


How can I keep mice away from my storage unit?

It’s not a pleasant experience dealing with rodents. Here’s how you can keep mice away to help ensure that your belongings stay safe and rodent-free.


      Fill up holes with steel wool

If you happen to spot a hole, you can easily cover it with steel wools. Sealing holes with steel harms mice and prevents them from entering your unit.


      Spritz your unit with peppermint oil

You can keep rodents away by spraying your unit with peppermint oil. If you don’t like peppermint, there are other scents that repel mice, such as cinnamon, tea tree, and cloves, among others.


Another prevention is to spray your entryways with ammonia. Here’s a fun fact – mice smell and detect ammonia as the urine of their predator. As a result, mice run the other way as soon as they register the smell.

put mothballs by the entry way

      Put mothballs near the entry way

Aside from spraying your unit with scents, you can also opt for mothballs. Place them near the entryway of your storage to repel rodents.


While using ammonia and mothballs, put your safety first in handling them and take precautions to protect yourself. These chemicals are as dangerous to animals as they are to humans.


      Set mouse traps

Nothing beats an old-school solution. Set mouse traps around your storage unit to catch mice. Just make sure you know where you’re placing your traps.


The drawback of using mouse traps is that when it catches a mouse and it takes you a while to check your storage, there is a high possibility that the odor will cloud your storage unit. So, if you’re going to use trapping as a solution, be sure to check on your storage unit regularly.


What do I do if my storage unit is infested by rodents?

If you think your storage unit is infested by mice, follow the steps below to protect you and your belongings while getting rid of the rodents.


      Contact management for them to exterminate

Immediately alert the storage facility if your unit is infested with rodents. They will help you call an exterminator to handle the problem.


      Wear a HEPA face mask and rubber gloves for protection

Safety first! Before cleaning the rodent mess, make sure you’re protected by wearing a HEPA face mask and rubber gloves.


     Clean up the mess

When cleaning your unit, do not start by sweeping or vacuuming mice droppings, urine, or their nest.


Start by spraying disinfectant on the urine and droppings. After a few minutes, use a paper towel to clean the excrement.


      Use a damp cloth with bleach

Use a damp cloth soaked in bleach to disinfect your storage unit, especially where the mice nested.


For a more detailed instruction on safe cleaning, read here.

visit your storage unit regularly

Visit your unit regularly to protect against mice

While there are many ways to deal with mice infestations, the best way is to prevent them from happening in the first place. Here are reminders when visiting your storage unit for a cleaning:


      Visit once a month

You don’t have to visit your storage unit every day. But dropping by once or twice a month will allow you peace of mind knowing everything is safe.


Keep an eye on your things from time to time to make sure nothing goes unnoticed, and if there are problems, you can immediately solve them.


    Look for gnaw marks, nests, droppings, holes, and tracks

During your visit, look for any signs of rodent infestation. Contact management if you find gnaw marks, nests, or mice tracks in your unit.


Aside from mice, check your belongings for other damages such as mold or mildew growth. Checking your items for damages allows you to fix them or prevent the damage from getting worse.


      Regularly sweep and mop the floors

It’s important to regularly sweep and mop the floors to prevent dirt and dust from building up. Not only does this keep floors clean from attracting rodents and pests, but it also creates a healthier environment.



Overall, keeping mice out of your storage unit is a simple task. You don’t have to go through an ordeal as long as you maintain and keep your storage unit clean and organized. If you see any signs of rodent infestation in your unit, immediately contact the storage facility and explain your situation.


Efficient and diligent packing is one way to protect your items from being targeted as feast or camp for rodents. For more secured storage, consider investing in a climate controlled storage unit.


If you’re looking for a storage facility, find the nearest Shield Storage in your location here.

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