8 Ways a Self Storage Unit Will Save You During Your Home Reno.

How can a self storage unit make such and impact on something as simple as a home renovation? Let’s take a look.

Sun Valley, NV is just north of Reno, NV and is a small city of just over 21,000 people according to the bestplaces.net website. Located just under 15 minutes from Reno, there is plenty to do in the Sun Valley and surrounding areas. The favorable location has led to many staying in their homes and in Sun Valley, NV.


Why would someone choose to renovate their home?


With so many residents staying in their homes, many are choosing to renovate and update their space. Though some may choose to move to find something that better suit their needs, home renovations allow you to stay where you are while adding the touches that fit your current needs.


Whether you are looking to update your bathroom, kitchen, or completely remodel your home, a home renovation for your Sun Valley home may be just what you need.


A Home Renovation Puts a Little “You” into Your Home

A Home Renovation Puts a Little “You” into Your Home


The benefits of home renovation versus selling and buying something new are very personal for everyone involved. For some, buying a new home adds a lot more space than a remodel can offer.  For others, a home renovation offers the opportunity to get the most out of a space they have grown to love for many years. When it’s time to decide which way you will go, consider using a self storage unit to get you through the process.


Home renovations can be exciting, and even fun, but can also be stressful. The clutter that can accumulate as you move furniture from room to room can be overwhelming. Living in a home during a renovation can be stressful and take its toll, but it doesn’t have to.


There are options that can make home renovations go much smoother and remove some of the stress involved. Self storage is one of those options.


Using a Self Storage Unit During Your Home Renovation is a Life Saver!

Using a Self Storage Unit During Your Home Renovation is a Life Saver!

Using self storage during a home renovation can provide flexibility and ease the stress that comes from having your house in complete disarray. From having contractors coming in and out of your home to the dust and mess left behind, the list can go on and on.


Finding the right storage unit nearby is an important piece of the puzzle.


8 Ways a Self Storage Unit Will Save You During Your Home Renovation


1. A self storage unit offers flexibility.

When you need more space for furniture, materials, or tools you can utilize a self storage unit to provide you the flexibility you need as you move from room to room for your renovation.


2. Self storage provides extra space.

One major stress from home renovations is the stress from living with furniture stacked all over the house. A self storage unit provides the extra space you need for the furniture you need out of the way.


3. A storage unit keeps your items safe from strangers.

With your home in disarray and the confusion of having people in and out of your home, you can keep your precious items safe in a self storage unit.

Men working on home renovation

4. A self storage unit keeps your items clean.

With so much dust and debris from the work being done in your home, having your items in a storage unit keeps your items clean.


5. Utilizing a self storage unit allows you to design your new space freely.

When you can put your furniture in a self storage unit, you have the flexibility to design your new space without the stress of having to “put your house back together”. This freedom allows you to design your new space for what you want it to be, not what you think it must be.


6. Using a storage unit reduces the stress of living in a cluttered space.

No matter what room you’re renovating, it seems that clutter always finds its way into a home renovation. To avoid this, you can use a storage unit to declutter your home and the spaces necessary to help eliminate clutter before it becomes an issue.


7. Self storage gives you more time to do the project right.

Many tend to rush their home renovation projects due to get their house “back in order”. This tendency can lead to botched work and could end up making the project take even longer. Give yourself more time to get the project done right by using a self storage unit for all your furniture, kitchen ware, clothes, rugs, pictures or knickknacks.


8. Mini storage provides options when it’s time to move everything back in your home.

When it’s time to move everything back into your home after a renovation is complete, you may find that you no longer want or need everything you had before. The space has changed, and your furniture and decoration needs may as well. Utilizing a storage unit for your things will allow you the flexibility and options you desire when it’s time to decide what you really want in your new space.

As you can see, using self storage during a home renovation can help in may ways. Some home renovations can take weeks while others can take months. You don’t have to live with the constant stress of having your things everywhere. There are better options to make the process to creating your own space as smooth as possible.


Don’t wait to reserve your self storage unit to help your renovation go as smoothly as possible. Contact your local Sun Valley Shield Storage location today or find a location near you on our website at www.ShieldStorage.com.










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