7 ways a self storage unit can solve your small business storage needs.

There are many opportunities in North Las Vegas to start a business. Did you know that a storage unit could help you get started? Self storage can provide a perfect business storage solution for your new business!


That’s right. Though there is a list of a million things to accomplish before you can officially start your business, you can use a self storage unit to cross a handful off your list.


There are many small business opportunities in the North Las Vegas and Las Vegas area. Though some may seem a bit easier to get started than others, some provide a relatively quick and easy way to start making some extra money.


Many types of small businesses can benefit from using a self storage unit.

Many small businesses that can benefit from using a self storage unit.

There are many small businesses that can benefit from using a self storage unit. A storage unit provides a better storage solution for small businesses because they are cost effective, provide flexibility, and are typically accessible outside of traditional business hours.


Some small businesses that benefit from utilizing a self storage unit include:

  • Doctor offices/Private Practice
  • Photographers
  • Food Cart vendors
  • Lawyers
  • E-Commerce business owners
  • Janitorial service providers
  • Home staging professionals
  • Party rental businesses


There are many other businesses you could start as well in the North Las Vegas area that would benefit from the use of a self storage unit. This, in no way, is a complete list. If you are looking to start a small business of any kind, here are 7 ways you could benefit from utilizing a self storage unit for your business storage needs.


7 ways a self storage unit can solve your small business storage needs.


  1. Provide storage for photography equipment.

For the photographers who need somewhere to store their equipment when they don’t have shoots, a self storage unit provides the perfect option. A simple 5 x 5 storage unit would provide you with plenty of space for your lighting equipment, lens, and props.


  1. Storage for your food cart and supplies.

If you are looking for a business that allows you to interact with locals and tourists alike, being a food cart vendor may be right up your alley. A great storage solution for you would be a storage unit large enough to store your food cart, supplies, and inventory when you aren’t out working.


  1. Inventory storage for your ecommerce business.

Ecommerce businesses have become very popular, but many don’t think of the need they may have for storage. Whether you need to store inventory, shipping supplies, or both, the space in your living room or garage will go quick!

Shield Storage can provide you with a better business storage solution

  1. Furniture storage.

Furniture storage is necessary for many small businesses. Some need it to store office furniture until they have an office space. Others, on the other hand, could use a storage unit to store furniture for a home staging business. Whether you use one large unit or many smaller ones, self storage can provide a flexible, cost-effective solution for your business storage needs.


  1. Storage for taxes and other business documents.

All small businesses must keep their tax records and other financial, patient, or client documents on hand for a designated period. What better way to keep your office, or home office, free from clutter than to keep what records you can in a secure self storage unit?


  1. Space for your janitorial supplies and non-hazardous cleaning materials.

One of the bests businesses to start in the Las Vegas, and North Las Vegas, are is a janitorial service. This could be an easy, convenient way for you to make extra income while still maintaining your current position. Many janitors work at night or the weekend, so the overlap could be minimal. A storage unit could provide you a place to keep your supplies and cart while you aren’t using them.


  1. Storage for deflated blow-up houses, tables, chairs and other party supplies.

Do you have a desire to get into the party business but aren’t sure where you’ll keep everything you’ll need? A storage unit can provide you as much space as you need for any supplies you may use for your new small business. As your party business grows, your storage unit can grow with you! All our Shield Storage locations offer flexible, month to month agreements that will allow you to move storage units when you need more space.

Get your small business storage reserved today!

Get your small business storage unit reserved today!


At Shield Storage, we offer many great business storage options. From a 5 x 5 unit that is great for holding documents and equipment to our large 10 x 20 units that can be used to store a food cart or trailer, your business storage needs can be meant beyond expectations!


Contact one of our North Las Vegas Shield Storage facilities today to reserve a storage unit for your new small business today!

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