7 Tips for Storing Your Halloween Décor

One of the most common groups of items that clog up storage space in your home, garage, closets, or basement are holiday decorations. Your Halloween décor is no exception. There must be a better way of storing your Halloween décor!  


Well, we would like to offer some storage tips to help you get the most out of your space while staying organized.  

7 Tips for Storing Your Halloween Décor

Just like any other holiday decorations, if you aren’t careful with the way, you store your items, they can end up being damaged between uses. This can lead to unnecessary money spent on replacing items you love – if you can find them, that is.  


There must be a better way! 


There’s a better way to store your Halloween decorations. 

You don’t have to settle for chaos when it comes to storing your Halloween décor. Your garage and storage spaces don’t have to be full of unorganized decorations that are bound to be a mess by the time you need them.  


There’s a better way. Holiday decorations don’t have to monopolize your storage space. In fact, you don’t have to store them at your home at all, and they can be well organized each time you’re ready to put them up.  

There’s a better way to store your Halloween decorations.

Take the opportunity this year to store your Halloween décor better than ever before by using the tips below! 


7 Tips for Storing Your Halloween Décor 


1. Use plastic bins. 

Plastic bins make storing anything much easier. This is especially true when it comes to your decorations. Utilizing bins to store your Halloween decorations will allow you to stay more organized and will protect your items from being damaged as well.  


*Pro Tip: Buy Orange or Purple bins, for storing your Halloween décor so your items are easy to find when stored away.  


2. Create an inventory list for each tub. 

When packing your new plastic bins, create an inventory list with all the items that are in each bin. This will allow you to manage your decorations and keep them organized. It will also help you be more efficient next year when it’s time to put your items out for display.  


*Pro tip: Place your inventory in a plastic sleeve and tape it to the Lid of the bin so you can see exactly what is in each bin without having to open each one.  


3. Store and organize your bins room by room.  

When you are organizing your bins, put items that are displayed in the same room together when possible. This also includes items that are displayed outside versus inside. This will allow you to pack your items more efficiently when it’s time to put them away. Also, it will make the unpacking process easier.  


*Pro Tip: Write the location (Room/Indoor/Outdoor) on the top of the Inventory List to ensure your bin gets to the right place to make your decorating process as smooth as possible. 


4. Use plastic bags to help preserve fabric or paper decorations. 

When storing your items, use plastic bags, such as these, to store items that are made of paper or fabric. Also, you can use smaller baggies to store small items such as art and craft pieces, light bulb replacements, or other small items. 


*Pro Tip: Label your bags with the contents so you know exactly what the smaller pieces go to.  

Storing Your Halloween Décor

5. Be smart and stack. 

Stacking can be a huge space saver! What’s more, if you are looking to limit the number of bins you need for storing your Halloween decorations, you can reduce the number of bins you need by stacking your items. Use larger items to store smaller items. Fit smaller decorations into pumpkins and other large items when possible.  


*Pro Tip: Wrap the smaller items you place inside larger ones in bubble wrap or newspaper to prevent damage from occurring.  


6. Clean your yard decorations before storing them again. 

For decorations that are left outside during the Halloween season, clean them BEFORE you store them. Storing your Halloween décor can be a hassle when you have dirt going everywhere and getting on your indoor items. Take the time to clean your items before you put them away to make sure everything stays nice and clean for next year.  


*Pro Tip: Hose off your items in the driveway and let them dry completely prior to putting them away.  


7. Replace broken items this year so they’re ready to go for next year! 

Instead of waiting for next year to replace old or broken items, go shopping after Halloween this year! Save money and know ahead of time what you can and can’t find so you’re ready for next year. Wear and tear naturally occur with holiday decorations. So, don’t wait to replace your items that you know need to be.  


*Pro Tip: Plan ahead and buy next year’s Halloween costume after October 31st so you can save some money there as well! 

Store your Halloween decorations with Shield Storage.

Store your Halloween decorations with Shield Storage.  

Save space in and around your home and start storing your Halloween décor with Shield Storage. Self storage facilities can offer you the space you need to stay organized and have access year round to all your holiday decorations.  


Find a location near you today and reserve a storage unit to keep your Halloween decorations organized and in good condition until next year! 


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