5 Tips for Properly Storing Your Winter Gear for the Summer

Post Falls offers a lot to do in the winter months. From snowshoeing to cross-country skiing to tubing and sledding, the fun is endless! But, what about the off-season? Many may wonder, “Is there self storage near me where I can keep my winter gear?” Storing your winter gear can be a headache, but it doesn’t have to be.

During the winter in Post Falls, ID, you could go to the Priest Lake area to go cross-country skiing or snowshoeing, to Wallace for snowmobiling, or to Lookout Pass to go powder skiing. No matter which winter sport is your favorite, there is something to do in and around Post Falls, ID.

If winter sports aren’t your thing, there is plenty more to do in and around Post Falls, ID. For the winter sport enthusiast, however, what do you do during the spring and summer months as the temperatures begin to rise? What do you do with your snowboard, snowmobile, skies, or sled?

Are you storing your winter equipment properly to avoid damage by pests, cracking, or rust?


Properly storing your ice skates, snowshoes, sleds, skis and other winter equipment can take up a chunk of space in your garage. You need to make sure they are cleaned and stored properly. How is this possible, however, without taking up so much space in your garage or basement?

Is your winter gear getting damaged and rusting during the summer months?

Are you tired of replacing your gear every year because it’s cracked or been damaged by pests in the attic?

It’s time to change the way you are storing your winter gear.

5 Tips for Properly Storing Your Winter Gear for the Summer


1) Clean your winter sport equipment before putting it into storage.

Many forget to clean their gear thoroughly before putting it into storage. You need wash all dirt and debris off your skies, out of your snow blower, and any other items you have prior to storing them.

2) Before storing your winter gear, dry each piece thoroughly.

Thoroughly drying your winter equipment will help prevent rust from building up on your winter gear.

3) Remember to perform any necessary maintenance BEFORE storing your winter gear.

You may think that you can wait to perform any necessary maintenance until the next winter season. Don’t wait! Get all maintenance and tune-ups complete before you put your winter equipment and sports gear into storage.

4) Find a better storage solution near you.

Stop wasting the space you have in your garage, basement, or attic to store your winter equipment. Find a storage facility nearby that will allow you the proper space you need to store your snow shovels, snow blowers, skies, snowboards, sleds, and any other winter equipment you have.

5) Don’t forget about your boots!

Your ski boots, snowboarding boots, and snow boots all need to be completely dry before you store them. Be sure that they have no residual moisture in them before you put them away for the summer.


Taking the time to properly prep your items for summer storage is important to ensure your equipment stays in good condition through the summer. Following these tips will help you be ready for the next season so you can hit the slopes and get right back to enjoying the things you love to do in the winter. Storing your winter gear properly will save you time, money, and stress as you prepare for the next season.

Finding a storage unit that offers you a better a storage solution for your winter equipment will give you the space you need to prepare your gear for the coming season. Some enjoy performing the required maintenance on their winter equipment. Having a storage unit nearby where you can keep these items along with the tools to fix them is the perfect solution!

When you use a self storage unit to store your winter sports gear and equipment, it will be safe and secure. When you store your winter equipment in the garage, there is always the change something could fall and break your skis, sled, or damage your snowmobile. Using a self storage unit, you no longer need to worry about this happening.

Using a self storage unit to store your winter equipment gives you freedom and flexibility.

A self storage unit can also provide you with the flexibility you need if you just want to store your items during the off-season. Some may need somewhere to keep their winter gear year-round. Even during the winter months, you need somewhere other than your home to properly store your winter equipment. Either way, a self storage unit nearby will provide you with a better storage solution for storing your winter gear.

Finding the right storage solution can be difficult. Understanding what you need to properly fit your storage needs can be more stressful and time consuming than you think. If you are ready to find the best storage solution, contact one of our Shield Storage locations today to find the best storage solution for your winter gear.



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