5 Things to Never Use Your Self Storage Unit For

Rio Rancho is about 28 miles from Albuquerque, NM and is one of New Mexico’s fastest growing cities. With the proximity to Albuquerque, you get the benefits of being near a large city without having to deal with the traffic. As the city grows, many are beginning to utilize self storage for many different purposes.


There are many great uses for a storage unit that one may not even realize, such as:


  • Short-term storage while you renovate your home

Self storage units in Rio Rancho can be used for multiple purposes and are becoming more and more popular. As more people move to Rio Rancho, they have found that utilizing a storage unit for their extra items is saving them time and relieves stress.

The safety of our Shield Storage customers is the highest priority.

On the other hand, there are some who are trying to utilize mini storage for items or purposes that aren’t allowed. At every Shield Storage facility, we have a list of uses and stored items that are prohibited for the safety of our customers.


The safety of our customers is the highest priority.

Many customers have come to our facilities inquiring about whether they are able to utilize a storage unit for a unique purpose. Others, however, make assumptions and choose to use their storage unit for purposes that aren’t safe. Keeping our customers safe is the highest priority. This is why we advise that you refrain from using your storage unit for the following reasons:


1. To Live.

You cannot, under any circumstances, live in a self storage unit. Though the list of reasons for this is extensive, the primary reason is that it is not safe. The risk is too high for you and for the facility to allow any individual to live in their rented unit.


2. To have an office.

Though you could use a self storage unit to hold business documents, inventory, or furniture, it is not safe for you to use a unit as an office. To do so, you would need to bring a source of electricity into the unit which is a fire hazard.


3. To store chemicals or other flammable materials.

Storing chemicals and flammable materials is prohibited at any of our storage facilities. This creates a fire hazard that puts your personal belongings and others’ belongings at risk. We ask that if you have a question about whether or not an item you wish to store is prohibited, that you contact your Shield Storage Rio Rancho location.


4. To store drugs or other illegal items.

It is illegal, under any circumstances, to store drugs, drug paraphilia, or any other illegal items in your storage unit.


5. To store old newspapers.

This may seem a bit random, but for those who collect old newspapers, we ask that you find a different storage solution for your collection. Utilizing mini storage to store old newspapers creates a fire hazard that puts your belongings and those of others in danger.


There are storage options for these items that are better than a self storage unit.

While certain items should never be stored in your Rio Rancho home, you should be sure to consider all safety warnings when storing chemicals or other flammable materials. Rio rancho offers other solutions for storing the items you cannot store in a self storage unit. For example, you could go to a hazmat storage unit provider to store your flammable chemicals. You could also consider purchasing only the amount of chemicals you need, such as paint or paint thinner.



If you need an inexpensive place to live, you could always take a look here to find something that may fit your needs. You could also consider getting a roommate.


If office space is what you are looking for, a better storage solution would be store some items in a self storage unit and utilize space in your Rio Rancho home or apartment for the time being. With the convenience of no deposits, month-to-month agreements, and reasonable rates, a self storage unit can offer you a great solution until you are able to get into a small office.

If you have items that should be stored in a storage unit, contact us today!

If you have items that SHOULD be stored in a self storage unit, you can contact one of our locations today! Our staff can help you reserve a unit that will fit your needs. If you have any questions about the items you want to store, please contact us today.


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