5 Simple Steps to Organize Your Storage Unit

Summer is here and it’s time to organize your storage unit before the summer storms come. Whether it’s a heat wave or the summer rain, you want to make sure you get your storage unit organized and ready for the summer.


Now that you’ve taken your grill, summer water toys, and gardening tools home you have more space in your unit to shift and maneuver. It’s time to go through what you have in storage and get organized while you have less in your unit!

There’s the winter clothes, sports equipment, and holiday decorations that need to be stored for the summer. You may also have other collectibles, furniture, and other item you haven’t used for years. The key is to use this time to go through the things you have stored and get organized before your bulky summer items get put away.


Why is organization so important for your storage unit?


Organization matters in most areas of life. However, in a self storage unit it can be even more important. Though it may not sound like a big deal, having your storage unit organized can help in many ways such as:


  • Making it easier to find things that you have stored.
  • Keeping your items safe from being damaged.
  • Allowing you to get more out of your storage space.


Organizing your storage unit doesn’t have to take a lot of time. Depending on the current state of your unit, however, it may. Stop waiting! It’s time to get organized!


Let’s get organized!

5 Steps to Organize Your Self Storage Unit


Step 1. Get the right tools.

Having the right tools to get organized is the natural first step. Get new boxes or bins if needed, a marker, notepad, tape, and any other items you need to help the organization process.


Don’t forget the trash bags! You may choose to throw away or donate some items. Use trash bags and label them as well so the wrong items don’t get sent to the dumpster.

Step 2. Label Everything!

Speaking of labeling, label everything! From bins to boxes to the bags going to charity. When labeling your boxes or bins, write on the side of the box! Doing so allows you to see the writing when your things are stacked and put away. This will make it easier to know what is where and in which box.


Don’t forget to be specific! Some boxes can be labeled in a vague manor because you know that “Halloween Decorations” means exactly that. But what about writing “Books” on a box? What if you have some books that are for reference while others are for the kids? Being specific about what types of books are being stored together will help you find what you need when you go looking without having to go through every box.


Step 3. Keep Like Items Together.

Storing like items together will help you stay even more organized than ever. You may want to store all your household items together on one side of your storage unit. However, I would consider taking it a step further and put kitchen items together, clothes together, and your books or collectibles together.


Storing like items together will allow you to find things faster. It will definitely make it easier when you go to retrieve things from your unit.

Step 4. Keep a Master List or Inventory.

As you are sorting, re-boxing, and organizing the things inside your storage unit, you will want to keep a master list of what you’re keeping. Having a list will allow you to keep track of what you have stored in your unit.


Knowing what all is stored in your storage unit will help you prepare as you go and get things out of storage when the seasons change. You will know what holiday decorations you have, what clothes are stored, and what equipment is ready to be used. This may sound like a lot of work, but it will save you a lot of time and money in the long run.


Step 5. Stack it Smart!

Lastly, once you have gone through your items, packed them and have everything labeled, it’s time to put it all away. The trick here is to stack you items and stack them smart! Use heavier items to be a base with lighter items on top.


If you want to take it a step further, get some shelving to help you stack things even better. Remember, stack and organized like items together and place all boxes and bins so the labels can be read easily when put away.


Start organizing today!

Get started organizing today!

Now that you have the steps, you need to get started and organize your storage unit! If you’re just starting the process of getting your items ready for storage, you can find more helpful tips here.


If you don’t have a storage unit yet, you can start fresh and be organized from the get go! On the other hand, if you’re looking for a self storage unit nearby, consider storing with Shield Storage. Our facilities are clean, conveniently located, and priced competitively. Find a location near you today and get started with a better storage solution today!


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