20 Tips and Tricks to Get the Most Out of Your Fall Season

Fall favorites are really what makes the season feel warm. Having the right tips and tricks can help make your fall season even better! From recipes to crafts to festivals, the fall season as plenty to offer.  


What we love most about fall, no matter where you are, is the change in leaves with the cooler weather. This can make your fall chores more feasible and the outdoor fun more enjoyable.  


In areas such as Spokane, WA and Northern California, you get cooler temperatures that make the fall colors take your breath away. Kansas City, MO won’t let you down either! 

20 Tips and Tricks to Get the Most Out of Your Fall

Also, the fall festivities with football, Halloween and Thanksgiving provide plenty of opportunities to get together with your family and friends. Making memories during the holidays and sports seasons is what truly make them memorable.  


No matter where you live, there are always fun festivals to enjoy in the fall. From the Hot Air Balloon Festival in New Mexico to the pumpkin patches and fall festivals right in your neighborhood, there is something for everyone.  


To help you get more out of the season, we put together 20 tips and tricks to make your Fall 2021 the best one yet! 


To help you explore our list, we broke these 20 tips down into 4 categories. Each category has 5 tips for you to try with those you love! Enjoy! 


Pumpkins, Apples, and Costumes Oh My! 

Who doesn’t love these fall essentials? Fall is a time for family, friends, and making memories. These tips will give you the ability to enjoy pumpkins, apples, and your Halloween costumes in new ways. Follow the links below to learn more! 

  Pumpkins, Apples, and Costumes Oh My!

1. Roast your pumpkin seeds. 

Instead of throwing your pumpkin seeds away, roast them this year and share them with friends and family! 


2. Last minute costume ideas for your party this weekend! 

Do you need a last minute costume idea? There are a number of ideas here that are quick and simple! 


3. What to do with all this pumpkin?! 

Do you ever wonder what you could be doing with all your leftover pumpkins? This fall, don’t throw away your pumpkins! Try one of the great ideas linked above! 


4. Apple favorites! 

For many, they don’t care for all the pumpkin that goes along with fall drinks and deserts. Instead, try one of the many apple recipes we’ve linked for you. 


5. Get creative after Halloween with your costumes! 

Some people do a great job of recycling their costumes after Halloween, but if you’re looking for an idea of what to do with yours take a look here 



Football Favorites 

One of our family’s favorite things about fall is football and we are not alone! Football is one of the most popular sports in the nation! Whether you support and NFL team or a College Football team, you wait all Spring and Summer for Fall to arrive. Below you can find some great tips and tricks for enjoying this football season in new and improved ways! 

Football Favorites

1. Start Tailgating even if you don’t go to the game! 

This football season, spend time with your family and friends and tailgate at your house or a park to watch your favorite team play! 


2. Sunday (or Monday) Night Football party! 

Why wait for Super Bowl Sunday to throw a big football party? This fall, get your friends together and have a party when your team plays on Sunday Night Football or Monday Night Football.  


3. Football party games 

Speaking of football parties, you can make your party fun for all ages by adding games that make it more interesting and interactive for everyone.  


4. Halloween Football Costume Ideas 

Who doesn’t like a good football costume! If you’re a diehard fan, you can find a great football costume at the link provided above! 


5. Fall football decorations for the home.  

This fall, don’t just limit your decorating to the holidays. Switch it up and add some new football home décor that can be left up all season long! 



Fall – The season of comfort 

In most areas of the country, fall means cooler temperatures and cozy socks. Enjoy the cool weather in your area with some of these great tips to bring out the comfort of fall.  

Fall – The season of comfort

1. Get Cozy this Fall! 

Dress to impress with one of these great cozy fall outfits. You will be stylish and warm as the weather continues to cool.  

2. Start crafting! 

Who doesn’t love a good craft! This fall, spend some time with family and friends creating crafts that will not only bring your imagination to life, but will create new warm memories as well.  


3. Favorite fall drinks you can make right at home!  


5. Get out and enjoy the fall festivities! 

This year, unlike last, we are able to get out and enjoy all the fall festivities! Get out and make memories with those you love at one of the many fall events in your town. 



Thanksgiving Favorites 

Many families have Thanksgiving traditions that have carried on for years. This fall mix it up a bit and add some originality to the great old traditions you still keep.  

Thanksgiving Fall Favorites

1. The perfect Thanksgiving dinner. 

If you’re looking for a new Thanksgiving recipe for this year, above we’ve linked a number of great new things you could try that will be a hit! 


2. Thanksgiving crafts for the kids.  

Make fall fun for the kids this year by adding a craft table to your holiday setup.  


3. You Can’t Miss the Thanksgiving Day Parade! 

One tradition that can’t be missed is the Thanksgiving Day Parade! Find all the information you need about event at the link above.  


4. Who doesn’t love a Turkey Trot!? 

Get your Thanksgiving started with a local Turkey Trot! The link provided has events you can find in your local area so you don’t miss out on the opportunity to participate. 


5. A different way to spend Black Friday – that doesn’t include Shopping! 

Instead of shopping on Black Friday, use the extra time to get chores done and to get a jump on setting up your Holiday decorations. Find a storage facility nearby to store your decorations and any items that need to be put away while during the season.  




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