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$47.00 — 5 X 5 Storage Unit
$69.00 — 5 X 10 Storage Unit
$85.00 — 5 X 15 Storage Unit
$117.00 — 10 X 10 Storage Unit
$174.00 — 8 X 15 Storage Unit
$171.00 — 10 X 15 Storage Unit
$234.00 — 10 X 20 Storage Unit

Shield Storage

2601 Scott Avenue
Vancouver, WA 98660


I would highly recommend Shield Storage to anyone I know! It’s a very clean environment and the staff are also great! Tanner and Tammy did a great job making the whole “move in” process quick and easy. Which was nice because I was in a hurry the day I signed up. Tanner got me through all the paperwork and installed my cylinder lock and I was in and out with my key and gate code in less then 30 minutes!!! A++++

— tanner smith (on August 03, 2022)

When I first moved in everything seamed on the up and up, except for the lady behind the counter never gave me my change from the fifty bucks I gave her to cover $38 remaining on my move in fee. It wasn't a big deal by it self. About a week later there was a rain storm and the "mechanism"seen in the pictures for keeping the door from locking (a piece of card stock taped over the bolt on the door ) had gotten wet and failed. I told the same (short change lady) about the problem and her frustration was very noticable, I didn't understand, why not just use the key for the door to unlock it I said, she replied with I already told you! I need to call the person in charge and get the proper procedure for the pproblem I couldn't believe how rude she was being towards me like I was the cause of the problem this problem had made me late to an appointment and wasn't that big of a deal until she made it a big deal some people just weren't meant to be in customer service.

— Nicholas Barenis (on November 05, 2021)

Vancouver, WA Storage Solutions

Located just north of the Columbia River, Vancouver, WA is the largest suburb of Portland, OR. The beautiful surroundings of the Waterfront, local parks, and a number of museums to enjoy offers residents and tourists alike great options for getting out of the house. One of the most breathtaking stops has to be Fort Vancouver National Historic Site Garden. Vancouver, WA is a city that is full of life and beauty. Don’t spend your weekends shuffling through your things while you could be outside enjoying the beautiful city you live in. Consider consolidating your extra items into a self storage facility so you and your family can have the peace of mind you need to truly enjoy all that Vancouver, WA has to offer. Our convenient Shield Storage locations in the Vancouver, WA area, offers a wide variety of solutions. Whether you are looking for a climate-controlled storage unit or a unit with drive-up access, you can find what you are looking for at one of our facilities.  

Find a Self Storage Unit Near You

Having a self storage solution that you can trust is important no matter where you live. There are many reasons you may need a short, or long, term storage solution. Whether you need to store your skiing equipment for the summer or furniture from a move, Shield Storage has you covered! Are you one of the more than 600,000 small business owners in the state of Washington? If you have business documents, furniture, or inventory that needs to be stored, you have come to the right place. All our Shield Storage facilities welcome small business owners to help with their business storage needs. Finding the right storage unit near you provides you with peace of mind and helps you focus your time and energy on other things. Our Vancouver, WA location will be sure to keep your items safe and secure while you do the things you love.

Shield Storage Offers a Variety of Self Storage Options

Our Vancouver, WA Shield Storage locations offer our customers a wide variety of storage unit options. From climate-controlled units to units with drive-up access, you can find a unit to fit your individual needs. We also offer ground-level units that make accessing your items that are stored in an indoor unit that much easier to get to. No need to worry about stairs or having to use an elevator. At our Vancouver, WA Shield Storage locations, we offer extended gate access (5 am – 11 pm) 7 days per week. This allows all our customers to have access to their items any time of day, any day of the week. You can even access your items on holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving, so no need to stress about where to put those holiday gifts this year. We continue to offer contactless move-ins for our customers. The safety of your health and the safety of our customers and employees is one of our highest priorities at Shield Storage. Please let our team know if you would like a contactless move-in, and they will be happy to assist you. At Shield Storage, we know that you are busy and may not have the time to come into one of our locations to rent your storage unit. Therefore, we offer online rentals at all our facilities in Vancouver, WA. If you would like to tour any of our locations, however, feel free to stop by today!

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