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$29.00 — 5 X 5 Storage Unit
$48.00 — 5 X 10 Storage Unit
$88.00 — 10 X 10 Storage Unit
$108.00 — 10 X 15 Storage Unit
$139.00 — 10 X 20 Storage Unit
$231.00 — 10 X 30 Storage Unit

Shield Storage

1340 Calle De Las Lomas
Bernalillo, NM 87004


When we moved to Rio Rancho NM we needed a storage unit,. Started looking up on the web and came across Storage Shield. I contacted them and was able to get a unit immediately. The staff were excellent, pricing for the unit is very affordable and is near where we live. Overall I would recommend Storage Shield to our friends and family. Thank you Storage Shield making it an easy for us.

— Joann Garcia (on June 30, 2022)

20 YEARS IF MEMORIES GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!Update******THEY AUCTIONED IT OFF!!!!! 10 years a customer!!!! My demon ex husband CUT OFF MY PHONE but I had an email !!! I’ve been asking about this unit for 3 months!! SHIELD STORAGE IS A CORPORATE MESS!! Not looking to protect your things not in it because they believe you need a safe place to store your precious items! They are in it for the money and if you don’t have the money they sell it and will get somebody in that does have the money !!! Funny thing was I HAD THE MONEY!!! My precious memories gone!!!!! DO NOT RENT FROM THESE PEOPLE!! They will AUCTION OFF YOUR STUFF!! For over 10 years I’ve had a unit at 528 Armor Storage. One might even say a personal relationship as I was very friendly with the older woman who would call and remind me my payment was due. For these past years I have paid the bill on time was never late. But recently I suffered a divorce and the storage company allowed my ex-husband to move all our things and no one told me. Now my ex-husband tells me he did not move the storage unit. I have been trying to communicate with the folks in the office at 528 Armor Storage in Bernalillo for several months to no avail. I’m about to take legal action. Whoever the new owners are at 528 armor storage they are awful! I mean they won’t even talk to me and there’s no legal reason why they shouldn’t! Do not trust them with your belongings. I have no idea where my precious treasures are and they won’t tell me!! I cannot believe this! Still no access to my unit! Ex Husband claims he didn’t move unit! Where are my things????!! No one has paid on unit! Have they auctioned off my stuff! Do not do business with these people! Shield storage is not 528 storage anymore! They took my stuff!

— Shelli Marshall (on June 23, 2022)

Bernalillo, NM Storage Solutions

Just 15 miles from Albuquerque, NM, Bernalillo is full of culture and tradition. The town of Bernalillo has been around for centuries. Bernalillo, NM was the center of trade at the base of the Rio Grande River and continues to be today.   Not only is the town rich in culture, but there is plenty to do in the Bernalillo area as well. Bernalillo is also conveniently located to Rio Rancho, NM and Albuquerque, NM which means you have plenty to choose from in the city and surrounding areas.   With so much to do, the population is growing in the Albuquerque/ Bernalillo area which means that the need for storage and flexible space is growing as well. At Shield Storage, we provide the community with best storage solutions possible.  

Storage Solutions with a Personal Touch

In Bernalillo, NM we do our best to provide our customers with options that fit their individual needs. Whether you need somewhere to park your RV or boat, or a drive-up storage unit to keep your camping gear, we have a better storage solution that will meet any of your needs.   We also offer our customers the convenience of 7 day a week access and month-to-month agreements. Shield Storage is committed to providing you everything you may need to have a successful storage experience. Our facilities offer dollies and large flat carts to make your moving experience as simple as possible.   The Shield Storage staff will always strive to help our customers in any way possible. Never hesitate to call our friendly, professional on-site managers for help or assistance.  

Shield Storage Solutions at a Facility near you

Finding a storage unit near you can be stressful. We currently offer storage solutions in the Bernalillo area at the following locations:   528 Self Storage  

Contactless Move-Ins Available

As we continue to navigate the uncertainty of COVID-19, we will continue to provide our customers with contactless move-in options. It is our highest priority to keep our employees and customers safe during this time and always.   For more information, please contact us today.  

Providing Better Storage Solutions for Small Businesses

Many small business owners take advantage of the flexibility, convenience, and cost-effectiveness of using a self storage unit for their business storage needs. The month-to-month contracts, easy payment options, and extended access hours allow business owners a convenient solution.   Whether you need somewhere to store your inventory, documents, extra furniture, or work vehicle our Bernalillo Shield Storage location has something that will meet your storage needs. We have units of different sizes, parking spaces, and climate controlled units to provide you a better storage solution.  

Safe and Secure Storage Solutions with Shield Storage

Providing a safe and secure storage solution for the residents in Bernalillo, NM is one of our top priorities at Shield Storage. We take many different precautions to ensure your stored items are safe when they are at our facility.   Some of the units at are facility are equipped with armed doors to provide the highest level of security possible. We also have digital surveillance systems in place to ensure the property is always safe for anyone coming or going.   Lastly, our property is fully gated and enclosed with access only granted to those with a personal access code. This feature ensures that only customers are on the property and have access to the storage unit areas. What’s more, this feature also makes it possible for our staff to track who has been on the property in the event of there being a theft or another unforeseeable situation occurring.   At Shield Storage, we also provide our customers with the opportunity to purchase protection plans to ensure that their items are covered in the case of a loss of property. This adds an additional layer of protection to your items while stored at our facility and offers a greater peace of mind.  

Shield Storage also serves the following cities nearby.

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