Prices starting at:

$49.00 — 5 X 5 Self Storage
$49.00 — 5 X 10 Self Storage
$99.00 — 10 X 10 Self Storage
$149.00 — 10 X 15 Self Storage
$219.00 — 10 X 25 Self Storage

Advanced Mini Storage I- Monte Diablo

2625 Monte Diablo Ave.
Stockton, CA 95203


Advanced mini storage is a neighborhood storage institution. The grounds at advanced mini storage are well kept, spearheaded by the property manager Ashley. Ashley rocks! Ashley and the rest of the staff are professionals that ensure the grounds are secure and well kept. If there are any concerns to be addressed speak with Ashley, she listens and answers wisely. The staff ensures that this is a 5- star storage business. Keep up the awesome job and thank you for your patience.

— Steven Lopez (on August 11, 2020)

good price, what I thought was rude was just a misunderstanding and we apologize to each other.. Only thing I don't understand is the online stuff. If you do get the help she can be very nice.

— Debra Cortez (on October 17, 2020)

Prices starting at:

$95.00 — 7 X 10 Hallway
$105.00 — 10 X 10 Hallway
$123.00 — 10 X 15 Self Storage
$249.00 — 12 X 30 Self Storage

Advanced Mini Storage II- Murray

7739 Murray Dr.
Stockton, CA 95210


Nice kid works in the office. Future wife has a unit there and she wanted to downsize. They gave her a unit adjacent to her old one so it made it easier for me to move her...very much appreciated that. If you need a storage, prices are fairly competitive. A 5x10 footer is 80.00 a month. I think storages are pricey and a waste of money in general, but if you need one, Advanced in Stockton is a definite solid option.

— Anthony Nicastro (on November 23, 2020)

Kristina and Mary are the sweetest things to happen to storage since the disc lock! They do not mind helping tenants with issues. We had never used storage before and after going around to a couple places we were just going to buy a shed because the other locations we visited were so rude. They changed our whole perspective on storage units! Thank you!

— Alyssa Deleon (on August 06, 2020)