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Move-in Total $89.50
First Month's Rent $87.00
Discount (One Month 50% Off) ($22.50)
Administrative Fee $25.00

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*-By selecting No Protection Plan, I agree to provide proof of insurance. I also understand that under the terms of my Rental Agreement, I assume all risk for loss of or damage to my stored goods. I also understand that Owner shall not be liable for loss of or damage to my stored goods from any cause including the Owner's or its employees' active or passive negligence. By not participating in the Tenant Protection Plan, I have released the Owner from all liability for loss of or damage to my property, however caused.

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Shield Storage - 11515 N Market St

11515 N Market St
Mead, WA 99021

(509) 467-6464

Facility Name Shield Storage - 11515 N Market St
Phone (509) 467-6464
Type Storage Unit
Size 5 X 10
Move-In Date
Features Ground Level